Marjorie Greene Defends Trump While Receiving Abuse

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a member of the Republican Party, was surrounded by a throng of reporters and demonstrators. She showed up for a demonstration near the court where Donald Trump’s charges were filed.

The torchbearer Trump opponents shouting “Nazi” and “go back to Georgia b****” sounded out the Trump supporter as she attempted to make a statement in a park across from the court.

Greene Tries to Defend Trump

She arrived as disorder spread in downtown Manhattan, with protestors fighting and media scuffles before Trump turned himself in to the police.

Greene informed the Right Side Broadcasting Network, while she was driving with her partner in the car, that Jesus had been detained and killed by the Roman authority. Greene said President Trump is being detained together with some of the most amazing figures in history.

She pointed out that Nelson Mandela was confined and spent time in jail.

The Georgia Republican said there have been numerous individuals imprisoned and punished in history by extreme, tyrannical governments. She thinks it’s starting now in New York City and she just cannot comprehend how it’s happening.

Greene confirmed she would always stand by him because he did nothing wrong.

On the morning of his arraignment, Trump also spoke out, demanding the trial be transferred from Manhattan to Staten Island, attacking the judge presiding over the proceedings.

After Trump was charged in the Stormy Daniels hush money situation, Rep. Greene attempted to speak to the audience using a megaphone while seated on a bench.

Crowd Yells Abuse

She called the situation a “travesty” and claimed it shouldn’t be occurring in America. However, she was scarcely audible over the cries of the audience, “Go back to Georgia you fucking b****!”

“F*** you, you white trash Nazi,” yelled one angry man in the crowd.