Republicans Reveal Massive Plan to Storm Democrats in 2022 Elections

The biggest bloc of House Republicans is developing a comprehensive bundle of law-and-order bills. This comes as crime rises across the country and the November elections near.

The Plan

The Conservative Study Committee, sponsored by Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, compiled every Republican point concerning crime over the last two years. This is on a single paper to present to President Joe Biden.

The homicide rate has increased. Violence against police departments, drug seizures, aggravated battery, grand theft auto, and domestic abuse are all problems.

Everything is the product of “the left’s crime tsunami,” according to the RSC.

As per a paper obtained first by RealClearPolitics, the idea is to limit federal funds on states adopting “certain pro-law police policies,” or the “Concerned Citizen Bill of Rights.”

The dossier was released about six months well before the midterm elections; crime always was likely to be a factor in those elections.

Crime continues to overshadow more progressive issues in historically liberal campaigns, such as the Los Angeles mayoral election, thanks to voters fired up with lawlessness.

Outside of major cities, Americans believe crime is increasing. According to Gallup, the majority of people (53 percent) say they are “very concerned” about crime. It is now their third most pressing problem, after prices and the economy.

The increase, according to Banks and Republicans in the House, is due to a rash of progressive prosecutors. They are backed by liberal funding and the Defund the Police campaign.

Despite Biden’s denunciation of his left flank’s “defund” language, they continue to blame the administration and his party for the destruction that results from following that mindset.

Crime is a Major Issue

“There’s been a failure of the system to control violence in America, from the White House to liberal state and local administrations.”

It originates from the perilous assumption that upholding the law is ethically improper, if even racist.

It has immobilized police agencies at all levels, resulting in attorneys who would rather let a notorious terrorist walk free than follow the law, according to the memo.

Nothing here is new. Republicans are constantly keen to capitalize on their image as the team of law and order.

For example, the letter claims “Democrats have once again damaged a component of our civic society.” However, unlike Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Banks’ RSC has opposed the idea of simply playing the enemy until November.

The document adds, “Crime is at an untenable level. Americans are clamoring for solutions. They must believe that Republicans have a strategy to keep them safe.”

These proposals go beyond anti-liberal rhetoric on this occasion. Conservatives are setting the groundwork for legislation. The plan outlined in the RSC letter is the most detailed description of how Republicans intend to combat crime if they win the majority.

The “Worried Citizens Bill of Rights” is first and primarily a fiduciary document. Conservatives want to use the federal budget to rein in states and local governments that they believe “push the left’s pro-criminal ideology.”