Massive Waves of Illegal Migrants Hit Florida As Coast Guard Responds

Illegal immigration continues to be a very serious crisis in this country, despite Joe Biden and his government downplaying the problem.

Last year, there were over two million apprehensions of illegal immigrants entering the United States, especially in border states like Texas, Arizona, and California.

Though other states have also been heavily impacted, including states where immigrants are bused and sent, with others like Florida where undocumented folks come in by water.

A recent USCG (US Coast Guard) action caught hundreds of illegals trying to come into Florida in the last way you’d expect…

They Literally Swam Ashore…

Several days ago, Miami beachgoers got a surprise when around 24 Haitians started to swim to the shore after being dropped off on boats.

Haitians were trying to swim to a tiny island near downtown named Virginia Key when people saw them and were shocked. Haitians had come on a small sailboat but had tried to swim the last part of the journey.

Eager to save lives, folks at the beach used their dingy boats and water skis to get the migrants to the shore safely. They were then questioned by US border services.

Earlier, around 177 illegal immigrants from Cuba were also caught trying to enter Florida by boat; they were taken by the USCG back to the communist island.

Saving Lives

The focus for the first responders was getting the Haitians the help they needed, including war covers and hydration. Some were still out on the boat and were also questioned by authorities before being taken back to Haiti.

Those who didn’t get to shore don’t have the same rights as those who did.

Many more Cubans and Haitians are trying to use the Florida Keys to enter the USA. Florida does also have a large Cuban American and Haitian American community, so this crisis touches many families.

So far in the last four months, the USCG has caught over 4,900 people from Cuba trying to enter the US illegally; the Haitian migrants are also increasing in number as they try to enter the US.

Biden’s New Policy

Biden has a new regulatory framework for illegal immigrants. He says those from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua get sent home immediately if they are caught crossing illegally.

At the same time, however, the Biden administration is granting an amnesty option for people from countries that can be applied for online. This is if they have a good reason to come to the US and somebody in the country who can sponsor them.

In such a way, Biden is hoping to cut down sea crossings. Thousands in Haiti have already started applying for passports so they can go online and get in the process of coming to the US.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.