Massive Win! No More Mail-in Ballots

As per a five-judge ruling, Pennsylvania’s 2019 election law, which allowed anybody to register for and get a mail-in ballot to participate in elections least 50 days ahead of time, was “inconsistent with the Constitution.”

The Details

The election law, known as Act 77, “enabled voters to cast a ballot by posting up to 50 days before the election.”

“It also put them on a waiting list for a ballot request by mail on a permanent basis.”

“It then created 15 additional days to register to vote, as well as extended the deadlines for mail-in and absentee ballot submissions,” ABC 27 News stated.

The judgment was made by a five-judge State Court panel consisting of three Republicans and two Democrats.

However, it will be placed on hold instantly if Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s office files a challenge to the High Court, as pledged.

In a release, Wolf’s office stated, “the administration will promptly appeal this decision to the High Court.”

“Likewise, today’s lower court finding will have no instant impact on mail-in voting, pending the final determination on the appeal.”

That legislation became a source of debate in the 2020 US presidential election.

Former President Trump and other Republican voters suspected left-wing stakeholders of abusing the state’s lenient mail-in ballot regulations to commit illegal voting.

Meanwhile, the complaint alleges that the transition swung Pennsylvania to Democrat Joe Biden.

Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt stated in the finding that “no-excuse mail-in votes” (as it has been dubbed by opponents and advocates alike) “makes the exercising of the democracy more accessible.”

It was also used four times in Pennsylvania’s existence. A total of 1.38 million registrants have expressed a desire to vote by mail indefinitely.

Democracy Wins

“A new constitution to abolish Article VII, Section 1 necessity of in-person participation is likely to be implemented if proposed to the people,” the court concluded.

“However, before legislation permitting no-excuse mail-in voting may ‘be placed upon our law system,’ a new constitution must be proposed to the public and ratified into our basic law.”

Governor Wolf and Justice Department Josh Shapiro (D) have vowed to fight the decision to the Pennsylvania High Court.

“Vast numbers of Pennsylvanians have welcomed Act 77, which the Republican-controlled government passed with strong broad support, to make voting more secure, safe, and available,” Wolf noted.

“The plain truth is that, despite Republican legislators’ near-unanimous backing for this historic reform to Pennsylvania electoral law, they want to eliminate mail-in voting in the name of the ‘great lie.'”

It seems the tide is turning then.

The question is, then, will more states follow their lead and put an end to the corrupt mail-in voting or will the trend stop here? The fact is, the story of the 2020 election is far from over.