Matt Gaetz Rattles the Woke by Criticizing Miller Lite

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz is criticizing Miller Lite for being the newest beer company to embrace social justice.

Miller Lite Goes Woke

Miller Lite launched an advertisement in March, with actress Ilana Glazer claiming the brand was regretful about degrading women in advertisements throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Glazer said it was attempting to track down and remove the offending advertisements.

The uproar over rival Bud Light’s liberal marketing campaign, which featured transgender personality Dylan Mulvaney and caused a significant reaction against the company, recently attracted attention to this ad.

It had previously gone unnoticed.

Currently, Gaetz is just one of the critics heaping criticism on Miller Lite for this woke advertising.

Gaetz spoke candidly about the Miller Lite ad on the most recent episode of Newsmax’s “The Right Squad” when he sat together with the show’s host Chris Plante and other guests to examine it.

Gaetz said they observed Anheuser-Busch destroy their valuation. Now, Miller Lite is doing the same and is basically saying very clearly — “hold my beer.”

Gaetz stated he didn’t believe it was insane to claim attractive ladies in bikinis sell beer. He made the point nobody desires to purchase beer from Lizzo.

One of the additional panelists was angered by this and said he thought Lizzo was pretty. The panelist also claimed he never purchased a beverage based on the attractiveness of the person carrying it while wearing a bikini.

People Are Tired of the Woke Agenda

In their response to the video, many individuals agreed with Gaetz and questioned how anybody could find Lizzo attractive. They also asserted this might not possibly induce people to purchase beer.

While it is undoubtedly incorrect to see women as nothing more than objects whose worth is based exclusively on their attraction factor to males, Gaetz is correct when he asserts that attractive women in bikinis are effective beer marketers.