Michigan Embraces Vaccine Passports

"Michigan National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

The political left is wasting no time in fully embracing vaccine passports. 

New York was the very first state in America to announce the enactment of a vaccine passport program. Then, last month, Hawaii followed suit. New York and Hawaii are both Democrat-controlled states; it is only a matter of time before more leftist governors follow suit. 

“Covid Vaccine Passport” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by focalphoto

Like shutdowns and other restrictions, the left is eagerly trying to brand vaccine passports as simple tools to get back to normal. However, a “show me your vaccine passport” requirement to engage in society is as far removed from normal as it gets. Conservatives recognize this, hence why the political right has moved to outlaw and ban vaccine passports in Republican-run states. 

Now, Breitbart News is reporting that Michigan, another blue state with a Democrat governor, has essentially embraced vaccine passports. 

What to Know About Vaccine Passports in Michigan 

Yesterday, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) confirmed that unvaccinated state residents will have to undergo testing and mask requirements for outside activities. In order to avoid these tests, Michiganders will have to submit proof of vaccination. 

Regarding school activities and sports in Michigan, the MDHHS stated that these organizations will be tasked with confirming that individuals are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Many parents have balked at these requirements; this is especially due to the fact that being fully immunized doesn’t make one immune to COVID-19. 

The Michigan State Legislature on Vaccine Passports

In Michigan, Republicans within the state legislature have gotten behind bills to ban the use of vaccine passports. Whether or not these bills pass will be determined in time. However, requirements for individuals to show proof of vaccination are already paving the way to vaccine passports in the Wolverine State. 

Vaccine passports are essentially about forcing people to get vaccinated and punishing unvaccinated people with social isolation. In Michigan, vaccine passports are essentially in operation, even if the state isn’t formally recognizing their guidelines as a “vaccine passport program.” 

Like other blue states, many folks who can afford to leave Michigan are doing so. Meanwhile, red states like Florida and Texas are gaining new residents each day as Americans choose freedom over tyranny. 

What do you think about requirements for individuals to show proof of vaccination in Michigan? What are your views on vaccine passports? Let us know down below in the comments section.