Michigan State Shooter Was Helped Out By Progressive ‘Equity’ Laws

On Monday, a 43-year-old black man named Anthony McRae went on a shooting spree at Michigan State University (MSU). He killed three individuals and injured five more, but McRae never should have legally owned any firearm at the time.

The reason he was able to carry a weapon? The reforms of a far-left county prosecutor decided it was racist to take away 2A rights from non-white people who commit firearm crimes.

Yes, seriously.

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Part of a Horrifying Pattern

McRae did not have a clean record prior to going on his rampage at MSU. He’d been charged in 2019 after being found in possession of a handgun he had no legal right to own.

The charges, however, were sunk by county DA Carol Siemon, a far-left Democrat who dropped the mandatory minimum for firearm crimes because they mostly impacted black men.

According to Siemon, it was bad for “equity” to keep enforcing the law on illegal guns.

Siemon made sure that McRae got only a year of probation back in 2019, instead of the five years behind bars he would have been looking at under a felony conviction for toting around a piece he had no legal right to have.

Though because of his skin color, McRae was allowed to get off easy and be back on the street carrying weapons by 2021.

As for Siemon? By the time of this shooting, she was long since retired. She retired in January after getting tired of being so criticized for being a soft-on-crime liberal. Now, her insane policies have gotten innocent people killed.

Sheriff Calls Out Soft-on-Crime Former DA

In 2019, when McRae was let off the gun charges, the criticism against soft-on-crime Siemon was already growing.

Local sheriff Scott Wrigglesworth said the specific lenience on the firearm felony was wrong and it raised the chance of “additional gun violence.” Wrigglesworth was tragically right. Siemon’s progressive insanity got people killed.

It will come as no surprise to many to learn that Siemon was backed by international globalist George Soros and had taken part in many soft-on-crime conferences.

She was praised by Soros-backed groups, including the Vera Institute, and had touted her soft-on-crime policies as progress to have more compassion for marginalized communities.

Siemon has not commented about what happened at MSU. The prosecutor’s office has stepped forward in her defense, saying even under the tougher rules, McRae would have been unlikely to get jail time.

Nonetheless, would he have been allowed to carry a weapon?

New Guy in Town

Siemon is thankfully no longer in office. The man who has replaced her, DA John Dewane, is already taking steps to enforce the law fairly and consistently.

None of this erases the horrific tragedy that happened Monday at MSU.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.