Minneapolis School District Officially Backs Anti-White Racism

Minneapolis made the news a lot in the past few years for some negative reasons.

Firstly, it’s where ex-convict George Floyd died in police custody, setting off a summer of horrific riots, arson, and looting in 2020.

Secondly, the city became the focal point of a “defund the police” movement that stripped many of our police departments and led to much more danger across the country.

Since then, many departments, including Minneapolis, have managed to start rebuilding, but skyrocketing crime rates in blue cities have not gone unnoticed.

Now, the city is also embracing another policy that many of us thought had hopefully been left in the mistakes of the past: racial segregation.

Minneapolis Embraces Racial Discrimination

Under the new school year starting in September in Minneapolis, there have been contractual changes.

Officially, these changes are supposed to protect black and minority teachers and “diversify” the school’s teaching population.

Minneapolis’ student body is about 60% non-white, while 84% of teaching staff are white.

The new rules seek to make sure more non-white teachers stay in the ranks and stipulate that during layoffs, non-white teachers will be protected even above tenured white teachers.

In other words, a white teacher who’s taught for 30 years will be let go before a black teacher who’s been on staff for two years. The reason? Simply race.

This is where woke ideology leads to…racism.

Where’s the Logic?

The supposed logic of this contract change is black and non-white teachers have been discriminated against in the past.

Therefore, the contract is defensible in the sense they must be made more equal now by favoring non-white school staff over white staff and making ethnicity a benchmark of job survival.

This kind of caveman thinking is exactly where the bizarre ideology of “equity” leads.

We can’t fix all the injustice of the past. Civil rights leaders tried to emphasize in order to move forward, we will have to treat people as individuals, not monolithic blocks defined by their skin tone.

However, the modern far left has completely lost the plot on this and believes race is all that matters.

The Bottom Line

This is where wokeness leads: to stupidity and racism.

Now, white teachers who make up the majority of the teaching staff across Minneapolis are looking at coming back to school and potentially losing their jobs to much less experienced teachers, simply on the basis of skin tone.

It sounds like something from a bad comedy film or a parody, but this is actually happening in 2022 in one of America’s big and supposedly modern cities.

How did we reach this point? Furthermore, with such unconstitutional racism being forced through, how do these people not expect to be questioned and challenged on this kind of idiocy?

This is wasting all of our time and this kind of division is making the country a worse place. Stop it now.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.