Moldova Next in Line to Be Invaded by Russia

(The emblem of Moldova's breakaway Russian-ruled region of Transnistria is a near-exact copy of that of the former Soviet Union)

Moldova, a small, post-Soviet nation west of Ukraine, appears next in line to be invaded by the hordes of murderous Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin.

Moldova’s Bizarre Position & Russian Troops Behind Ukraine’s Back

Putin started the biggest war in Europe since World War II when he sent almost 200,000 troops to invade Ukraine.

Ukraine was supposed to freeze in fear and capitulate in 72 hours tops. Yet, Putin’s evil plan was completely frustrated by the Ukrainians, whose brave, valiant, and highly efficient defense shocked the world.

As per the latest updated of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, nearly 24,000 Russian troops have been killed in the 67 days of fighting. More than 5,500 units of Russian military hardware have been shredded to pieces.

Moldova has a majority population that is Romanian-speaking, with close relations with Romania to the West, a key US ally in Eastern Europe and a member of the NATO alliance.

Moldova’s situation has been complicated by the fact that part of its territory was run as a separatist state in the Russian military, ever since the breakup of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

The so-called separatist state of Transnistria is Russian-speaking; it is the permanent base of a Russian military detachment of about 4,000 troops.

(Transnistria is marked in red. Wikipedia map)

Putin Stooge Told Moldova to ‘Worry’

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, there were expectations that troops based in Transnistria might strike from the west, particularly as the Russians attempt a full-fledged assault to conquer Odesa on the Black Sea.

Interestingly, Putin’s hordes never managed to storm Odesa; the dormant Russian troops in Moldova’s breakaway province of Transnistria were never activated.

However, now that Putin finds himself unable to achieve any breakthrough, he may certainly resort to the small and badly equipped Russian troops in the separatist entity sandwiched between Ukraine and Moldova proper.

Fears that Moldova could be the next to be attacked by Russia spiked over the weekend after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a Saudi TV station that Moldova should be “worried about its own future.”

His rational for that was it is “being pulled” to join the US-led NATO alliance.

Lavrov’s comments were complemented by explosions and gunfire heard in Tiraspol, the capital of the breakaway province of Transnistria, The Daily Mail reported.

It remains unclear whether those were caused by any kind of internal strife or a false flag operation by the Russians to impose mobilization or just stir trouble in Ukraine’s only safe flank so far.

Moldova is also significant because of its close ties with Romania, a NATO member with a large US presence.

Any provocations there that could suck the Romanians into the war may rapidly escalate Putin’s invasion of Ukraine into a World War III and/or a nuclear war between the West and Russia.