More Liberal Madness in Scandinavia

"Parliament House and Riddarholms church Stockholm Sweden" by chas679 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When you think of church and the Christian faith, the thing that should come to mind is a dedication to the religious texts of the Holy Bible. What we see now from the Church of Sweden is something so separate from the biblical teaching that it’s shocking.

“LGBT History Month 2013 / Mis Hanes LGBT 2013” by National Assembly For Wales / Cynulliad Cymru is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Church of Sweden has joined the Woke brigade now by referring to its self as “trans” in a letter it wrote to the countries LGBTQ community. The letter was titled: “Personal letter to you who are trans,” where the church subsequently was also labeled as “trans.”

The Decline of the Church of Sweden

It is obvious that the Church is in decline in the left-leaning Scandinavian countries like Sweden; it’s just surprising that in an attempt to attract more numbers to the Sunday service they have decided to appeal to the extreme minority which is the LGBTQ movement. 

The Church of Sweden appears to have not only to reach out to the community but has also included them in the running of the organization as revealed by the letter: “A church is made up of people. People are different.” Other parts of the letter note the elected officials, non-profits, workers, teachers of religion, parishioners, and others who call themselves transgender. 

The letter included this brilliant punch line: “The church [also] consists of transgender people. Therefore, the church could be described as trans.” This apparently went down well with the community who took to social media to show their support for the letter: 

“I’m personally an atheist, but this letter from The Church of Sweden to trans people, published today, made me tear up. Reading their support meant a lot,” said one Twitter user.

This letter from the church was not just some communication from the left-leaning higher-ups in the church, it was signed by almost 1000 priests, deacons, and members. 

Interestingly enough the Church attacked other groups for comments they have made on television shows about the issue of Trans in Churches. The letter called them out as “radical right-wing Christian” organizations and “populists” with right-wing leanings. Until now, I have never heard of radical right-wing feminists. This might be an indication of how far the definitions have shifted in Sweden.

Historical Leftist Leanings of Sweden

The letter struck out at those who are apparently normalizing hate. In this letter, “groups, organizations, and individuals” are accused of spewing venom and hatred on TV, in microphones, cultural programs, and debate pages. The church then maintained that all of this engenders “trans hate.” 

The  Church of Sweden however has had a history of leaning rather far left as indicated by this tweet:

In 2017 the Church of Sweden elected to call God by a gender-neutral name. It’s almost as if this church has never read a single page of the bible.

This much is proven by a statement made on behalf of the church. The church states that from a “theological” perspective, God is both beyond the determinations of gender and also not human.

It’s not theological at all, not in the slightest.