More Woke Madness for the Day

In an attempt to promote “inclusion and diversity,” British Airways has instructed captains and cabin personnel to refrain from using the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” during onboard presentations.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The statement was made in the last few weeks, according to the Telegraph. News sources claim pilots and personnel have been advised not to use “ladies and gentlemen” in favor of gender-neutral terminology; however, it is unknown what they should alternatively say.

The Telegraph quoted a British Airways representative as saying, “We value equality and diversity; we’re committed to making sure all our customers feel valued when traveling with us.”

According to the news, Air Canada was the first commercial carrier to transition to a gender-neutral welcome, doing so in October of this year. Instead of “ladies and gentlemen,” that airline says “everybody.”

In July 2020, Japan Airlines, as well as Lufthansa, made the switch. Rather than saying “ladies and gentlemen,” such airlines say “beloved visitors.” Air Malta, as well as Qantas, have likewise dropped the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” from their pleasantries.

He told the publication, “Whether good or terrible, it’s a sign of the times. It’s not the speeches that matter; it’s the cuisine, the Wi-Fi, the services, and the quickness with which you can board and disembark.”

To that end, according to the Daily Mail, British Airways received backlash a few months earlier after discontinuing its usual beverage cart operation. Passengers were encouraged to order beverages in advance or via an app, similar to how they would in a bar.

The company reportedly stated eliminating the practice was to reduce weight and food scraps; yet, others felt it eliminated the personalized feeling and was yet another instance of the airline cutting services.

LEGO Joins the Woke Brigade

The LEGO Group said in a statement on Monday it is dedicated to removing “gender prejudice and harmful preconceptions” from its toys.

According to a survey by the Geena Davis Center on Gender in Entertainment (a non-profit promoting “gender balance” in media and entertainment), the majority of children “think some hobbies are just suited for females, while others are only meant for boys.”

Lego said in a statement it is “calling on parents and children to advocate inclusive play” in order to transform people’s perceptions of youngsters.

Part of the statement read: “Not just for girls, but for all children, guaranteeing more open play and elevating the conversation about gender norms is vital. The LEGO Group understands when it refers to imaginative play and having fun that is typically associated with the other sex, boys face bias as well.”

“71 percent of boys and 42 percent of girls are concerned about being teased if they play with a toy that is generally associated with the opposite gender.”