Musk Teases Schumer Over Jan. 6 Viral Video

Elon Musk, the proprietor of Twitter, responded to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s post criticizing Fox News for broadcasting imagery from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Musk did this by reposting a popular short clip of the video and asking the New York Democrat whether he wished it removed.

Musk Taunts Schumer

Musk responded to Schumer on Wednesday, tweeting a video clip from @StevenVoiceover, which shows the narrator posing as a tourist guide for the Capitol’s “insurrection” in order to mock him.

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Musk captioned the video asking if he wanted it taken down.

The video clip’s chosen sequences show intruders who appear to be acting peacefully, rather than as violent insurrectionists trying to bring down the government.

The clip was seen more than 15.7 million times on Musk’s Twitter profile and 4.7 million times on the @StevenVoiceover page.

On Twitter

There are 56.8 thousand followers for @SteveVoiceOver, 3.4 million for @SenSchumer, and 130.9 million for @ElonMusk.

Musk’s post was in response to one sent by Schumer previously in the day, in which the senator criticized House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for giving Fox News access to security footage.

“Speaker McCarthy has only been in office for a little under three months. Yet, he has actually contributed more than any other party leader in Congress to the promotion of Donald Trump’s Great Lie by giving the January 6th security tape to Fox News.”

In 2024, Democrats won’t have many other issues to campaign on. As a result of that, Carlson’s fact-finding expedition is a grave danger to their chances of winning.

It won’t shock you to find out they believe Carlson is a Russian secret agent. This is the reason they are wildly accusing House Speaker McCarthy of compromising the security of the House and giving the means for “the next revolt” to Carlson.

You will be astounded by just how distinct the actual facts within the building that day were from the J6 committee’s factually inaccurate prime-time television dramas.

This was generated by a defunct ABC News president. It was also generated for optimum emotional resonance, especially when you view what Carlson’s group has put into place over the last two weeks of searching through multitudes of videos.

Edited Footage

For example, Carlson’s team claims the J6 committee altered sound to silent CCTV footage, introducing yells and other noises associated with crowd chaos, to give the impression of greater danger.

The film trove’s bookmarking demonstrates that the J6 committee got exposure to the same material, but decided to only present to America what supported its divided narrative.

There is no way to sugarcoat what occurred that day. J6 contained some disturbing and brutal elements. Even though it was neither an “insurrection” nor a “terrorist” act, it still leaves a stain on the country.