Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Tells All

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, is launching a new book.

This new book is revealing drugs, purported romances, and declared inappropriate behavior, chronicling the child of Democrat President Joe Biden.

The juicy details

The 53-year-old executive’s memoir, “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing,” will be released on June 14.

This will be the first she has spoken publicly about their marital relationship, separation, and consequences. She and Hunter wedded in 1993 and had three children with each other before divorcing after 24 years of marriage.

“I felt like I’d lost my understanding of who I was when my marriage broke up,” Buhle told People Mag.

“Anybody who has witnessed alcoholism destroys a relationship or experienced adultery and divorce know how heartbreaking it is. However, those harrowing experiences also taught me I needed a way to exist on my own.”

“Writing a book has been tremendously therapeutic for me,” Buhle said, “and my hope is it will be useful to individuals who struggled with addiction or divorce, particularly women who thought their entire existence was related to their marriage.”

“Divorce, in the conclusion, allowed me to rediscover my inner power.”

Hunter Biden, spurred by a coke and alcohol problem, wasted the couple’s money on drugs, drink, prostitutes and escorts. He even had a relationship with his late brother Beau’s spouse Hallie, according to the book.

After discovering his connection with his brother’s wife, Buhle charged Hunter with committing adultery, being “mentally abusive,” including using Viagra, according to emails acquired by

Before she discovered he was having affairs with his sister-in-law Hallie, Buhle attempted for years to help Hunter overcome his crack cocaine and alcohol addictions.

Hunter Biden’s problems have long been recognized. They have been the subject of multiple media exposes, along with a separate Daily Mail piece alleging Hunter informed a prostitute he was being blackmailed by Russian gangsters.

Hunter Biden reportedly made the statement in a video “after filmed himself having sex with a woman on his computer in January 2019,” according to the Daily Mail.

Hunter Biden remembered an event that allegedly occurred in 2018, according to the report.

Hunter claims he was face down in a public pool for a longer length of time and individuals with whom he was partying had no idea if he was alive or dead.

More allegations surrounding Hunter Biden

“Anyway, I had shot a ton of pictures on my laptop and had just left the camera on. He’d always put in a password and everything like that, you know what I’m talking about?”

“It was f***ing insane nonsense. During that time, it was stolen by someone. He did all of this phony searching and s**t.”

“I believe he is the one who took my pc. I believe it was the three of them, the three males who formed a small group. I brought the merchant and his two companions everywhere.”

“F***ing all over the place, insane nonsense. She’d stroll out with a f***ing beach suit in her hands, the Russian [inaudible].”