Satanism Arrives in Our Schools

An Illinois district is supporting an elementary school that has a “Satan club” after parents were outraged by the unusual extracurricular activities.

The Church of Satan of the United States sponsors the “After Class Satan Club,” which claims the groups are a counter to Christians Good News Clubs in public schools all over the country.

It’s Blatant

Flyers advertising the group were posted in the foyer of Moline’s Jane Addams Elementary School; a picture of the flyer went viral on social media.

The flyer offered to educate youngsters on compassion, critical reasoning, solving problems, artistic output, and “personal independence.” This is to happen through science projects, riddles, sports, arts & crafts initiatives, and natural activities.

The group was marketed to children in grades one through five, regardless of religious affiliation. The first meeting was set to take place on Thursday of the week, with four more meetings to come.

A consent card for families to fill out if they wish their students to participate in the after-school club was included on the back of the flier.

The poster also contained a type of disclaimer from the school, stating it cannot discriminate towards groups who wish to disseminate flyers and urged parents to “help their children in making right decisions.”

“It was not a teacher or district system event,” it said. The purpose of the clubs, according to the Satanic Temple, is not to persuade kids to Satanism.

The Satanic Temple declares on its website that although the courses are designed to encourage emotional and intellectual growth in line with TST’s ideals, no religious teachings or religious education takes place.

“We have no intention of proselytizing and we have no desire to convert minors to Satanism.”

The organization states, “After School Satan Clubs will concentrate on free inquiry and rationality, the scientific underpinning for how we know about the world surrounding us.”

“Rather than instilling in youngsters a fear of eternal other-worldly horrors, we seek to instill in them an appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds them.”

They Worship Him

The Satanic Temple sees itself as a “non-theistic organization that considers Satan as a legendary character symbolizing individual liberty.”

The Satan club’s flyer also promised this would be supervised by volunteers. Rachel Savage, the administrator of Moline-Coal Valley Schools, responded to parents’ concerns after receiving criticism.

In a letter addressed to parents, Savage stated, “No instructors from Jane Addams, and any other county school, are participating.”

According to Savage, a local parent contacted the Satanic Temple and informed him Jane Addams runs a child evangelistic fellowships club and requested an After School Satan Club be brought to the school.

“We are not allowed to make distinctions against various religious perspectives because we have permitted religious organizations to rent our facilities after school hours,” Savage clarified, adding that denying the Satanic Temple would “subject the neighborhood to a discrimination claim, which we will not succeed.”