Nancy Pelosi Raises Eyebrows with Swimsuit Cleavage After Seeing the Pope

(Social media snapshot)

House  Speaker Nancy Pelosi caused heated reactions on social media by appearing with prominent V-neck cleavage during a walk on a beach in Italy.

This was just days after she met with Pope Francis at the Vatican and received the Holy Communion. This had been refused to her in the US, due to her pro-abortion stance.

Nancy’s Boob Job Ridiculed on Social Media

82-year-old Nancy Pelosi was photographed on Wednesday together with her multimillionaire husband, Paul Pelosi, at a ritzy resort in the Italian region of Tuscany.

Pelosi was caught on camera wearing a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging v-neck; it is precisely these shots that have caused an uproar on social media, due to her being quite exposed.

Some of the social media reactions to Pelosi’s cleavage were quite explicit and even graphic.

Ashley St. Claire from the Post Millennial tweeted she will be “suing” if she gets “nightmares about Nancy Pelosi’s boobs.”

According to Andrew Schulz, a comedian, “inflation has hit Nancy Pelosi.”

Felix Biederman from Chapo Trap House wrote on Twitter that the “insane boob job” of the Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives “is humanizing.”

He added he relates to Pelosi for only two things: her boob job and her being bad at her job.

Biederman also quipped that if he also had a $200 million fortune like the Pelosis, he would have surgery for bicep implants, as well as pelvic smoothing when he turns 93.

A Twitter account called @beyondreasdoubt urged users to “please stop sharing” photos of Nancy Pelosi’s “ta-tas” because the social media platform is a “family site.”

(Social media snapshot)

Getting Exposed After Meeting the Pope

The Vatican and Italy trip of Nancy Pelosi and her husband comes against the backdrop of stupefying air travel chaos in the United States. The past weekend alone has seen a whopping 1,400 flight cancelations, while ten times this many flights were delayed.

At the start of her trip, several days ago, the House Speaker and her multimillionaire husband had a meeting with Pope Francis. They received Communion from him at the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

The Pope gave her Communion even though the Catholic archbishop of her hometown of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone and other prelates in the United States refused it to her, due to her support for abortion.

The whole Vatican reception and exposure on an Italian beach for the Pelosis is taking place just as Paul Pelosi, 82, is awaiting trial for his recent arrest for DUI near their family mansion and winery in Napa Valley, California.

Pelosi’s arrest occurred on May 28, while his trial is taking place later this month. He is allowed to travel internationally and also drive without any restrictions.