Nashville Police Change Their Minds About Releasing Audrey Hale’s Manifesto

In light of two lawsuits, Metro Nashville Police Department officials claimed their counsel advised them to postpone the publishing of Covenant School killer Audrey Hale’s manifesto.

Police Go Back on Promise

The MNPD and Tennessee Governor Bill Lee both previously said the papers will shortly be made public after the decision was made.

The attorney for one of the two cases filed was puzzled by the police’s citation of their attorney’s advice and blame of current litigation for the shift.

The Post was informed by attorney John Harris that it’s an intriguing twist in events. He questioned why the data isn’t being shared and if there’s been some sort of plan to do so.

James Hammond, the previous sheriff for the Tennessee region and the Tennessee Firearms Association Inc., are both represented in the case by Harris.

He said the ongoing inquiry was the reason the public records petitions of his clients for admission to the materials were turned down.

The refusal occurred at a moment when Lee was advocating for additional gun control measures that would include psychological screenings, in light of the Covenant tragedy.

They want to know, he continued, if the massacre at Covenant is the foundation on which a message by the governor will be carried out. He questioned if there was a true psychological problem.

Was it only an overt act of terrorism? Was there a personal grudge?

Metro’s responses so far have indicated there is a continuing criminal probe, which — considering the evidence, along with the additional statements they made — could be in question.

That’s considering the sole individual who has been recognized for the illegal conduct has been dead for a month.

Manifesto Found

After the March 27 incident, which claimed the innocent lives of three school staff members and three nine-year-old pupils, the transgender shooter’s house was where Hale’s purported manifesto was discovered.