National Emergency: Britain Has Its Own Immigration Crisis

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage stated the influx of illegal immigrants entering the country from the shores of France represents a “national crisis.”

This is one that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has disregarded.

The Crisis

Nigel “Mr. Brexit” Farage cautioned the problem would only worsen, stating, “you ain’t seen nothing so far.”

This went on to precede a record-breaking number of daily entries recorded on Monday with around 1,300 migrants entering the channel in tiny boats.

The presenter of GB News stated the UK will probably be on the receiving end of further surges of migrants, due to the spike in migrants across the Mediterranean into Europe via Africa and the Middle East.

What other European nation provides them with four-star hotel suites, dental and medical treatments, three square meals each day, 38 pounds in weekly spending cash, and the like?


The Brexiteer noted the “rallying cry” that ISIS issued, prior to the European Migrant Crisis in 2014, stated they would strive to infiltrate immigrant populations in order to fight a war on the West, as well as the “disbelievers.”

He is saying it is not only a “national emergency” in the aspects of stresses that massive immigration has on the currently tense housing industry and the health industry, but most notably in relation to national security.

Five of the eight ISIS terrorists involved in the 2015 Paris Bataclan incident, according to Mr. Farage, previously traveled to Europe by boat.

“We are now allowing tens of thousands of young men without documentation to enter; they toss their papers and cellular phones into the English Channel.”

“We cannot identify them. We cannot determine whether they have a major criminal history. Therefore, as a consequence, our nation is becoming far less safe. Of course, Boris Johnson is ignoring this problem.”

Massive Numbers

Mr. Farage is not the only one who is concerned about the possible hazards to national security presented by undocumented immigrants. This has resulted in over 23,000 people arriving on British soil since the year’s beginning.

In fact, a study by the impartial Chief Inspector of Immigration and Border Protection published in July concluded that there is a threat to national security from migrants’ weak security measures.

According to the study, migrant screenings have gotten so bad that border authorities aren’t doing even the most basic thorough research, including taking names and prints.

Numerous illegals have absconded from taxpayer-funded hotels as a result of the shortcomings, raising the possibility of a major national security concern.

Concerns have also been raised over claims that criminals who had been expelled from Albania in the past, such as violent felons and drug traffickers, have been using the influx of illegal immigrants as a cover to enter the nation again.