Nevada Democrat Arrested and Charged With Murder

Democrats claim to support the press and often whine and cry about people being mean to journalists. Though let’s take a look at what they do when a journalist actually rubs them the wrong way.

This story takes us to Las Vegas, where corrupt Democrat Robert Telles was recently charged with the murder of a well-known investigative reporter.

Telles, a rabid anti-gun fanatic, allegedly used a knife to kill 69-year-old investigative journalist Jeff German of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

What Happened?

On Saturday, September 3, Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German was found dead with signs of stab wounds outside his home.

Glenn Cook, the executive editor, said the Review-Journal is very saddened by the tragic loss of German, whose absence will also be a loss for the entire city.

The Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) said the murder case will be treated as a priority and they have already made an arrest.

As you can imagine, an investigative reporter tends to have a lot of people with grudges against them. However, LVPD says they have indications the murder was motivated by a personal altercation that arose from German’s reporting.

In his 40-year journalistic career, German has been responsible for breaking numerous major reports, from political scandals and organized crime busts to mass shootings.

So why was Telles allegedly the one who finally ended up tracking him down and taking him out?

Police Arrest Telles

On Wednesday, September 7, Robert Telles was served with a search warrant for alleged involvement in German’s death.

Telles is part of the Democrat Party and lost in the June primary elections. His tenure as Clark County’s public administrator is expected to end on December 31.

Telles was the subject of German’s reporting during his failed re-election bid and he angrily tweeted to German before the reporter’s death.

German even published several details about the way Telles worked, claiming Telles treated his team rudely and stupidly. Recently, German was investigating even more suspicious and disturbing cases involving Telles.

If the charges are found true, it would stand to reason Telles got angry about being exposed for the rude leftist bully he truly is. He decided to go on a berserk slashing rampage and kill an old man.

These are the kind of animals we are dealing with on the far left.

What Happens Next?

As soon as he was arrested, Telles was taken away in an ambulance, reportedly in shock. He gave a statement to police later and refused to answer any questions from the media.

If he is guilty, imagine the brazenness of a Democrat needing medical attention, due to his shock at being arrested for a crime.

Maybe stop murdering people who write things you don’t like? How’s that for an idea, Democrat? 

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.