New Critical Information in Christmas Parade Ramming

After one red SUV crashed into a Christmas procession in Wisconsin on Sunday evening (killing nearly five people and injuring scores more), police have arrested a “possible suspect.”

The Gruesome Details

On Sunday evening in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the perpetrator of a red Ford Escape smashed over barriers and ran through scores of parade marchers.

The SUV hit many parade participants, including children, according to a video of the incident. Witnesses described mass pandemonium, with some shouting and others lying motionless on the ground.

Waukesha Police Commander Daniel Thompson announced on Sunday “a person of interest” had been apprehended in connection with the case. He didn’t say anything else about the individual.

Police detained a 39-year-old black male as a prime suspect. According to police radio recordings heard by the web outlet Heavy, the individual identified himself to police and was discovered with a Ford car key on hand.

The Daily Wire has chosen not to identify the man, in accordance with its policy of not identifying mass-casualty offenders. According to Heavy, the man’s identity verified an ID discovered in the red SUV.

The man has not been identified by police, and his identity has not been found in the Waukesha correctional system. Days before the Waukesha event, the man described by Heavy appeared to have been granted bail.

A guy with the same identity and age posted a $1,000 bond on Friday after being accused of three felonies and two crimes, involving second-degree potentially endangering safety, per the Wisconsin Circuit Court website.

On Sunday, two Milwaukee cop cars pulled up to the address provided on the court database, according to Heavy.

The Driver was Recently Released from Prison

Senior-level police officials told NBC News a murder suspect with a criminal background was being interrogated overnight, with detectives looking into the likelihood the vehicle was fleeing a previous knife fight event.

At a media briefing on Sunday, Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson revealed a murder suspect had been apprehended. At this preliminary phase of the inquiry, five people briefed on the event told NBC News there was no link to terror.

They also said there was no evidence it was in retribution for the not guilty judgment in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Friday. As a result of the tragedy, at least five individuals died. Hundreds of people were taken to local hospitals by rescue workers and local residents.

A motorist plowed a vehicle into a Christmas procession in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday evening, killing at least five people and injuring more than 40 others, prompting a large response from state and local authorities.

On Twitter, the mayor of Waukesha wrote, “At this time, we can verify five people died and over 40 have been injured.”