New Democrat Plan Will Horrify You!

Liberals are openly advocating for more salary immigrants to be brought into the country to reduce hyperinflation that’s jeopardizing President Biden’s electoral destiny. On December 2, the pro-migration site,, commented on the migrants-reduce-inflation assertions.

Democrats Think They Have Down Low of the Problem

Democrat Rep. Jimmy Gomez knows the impact of inflation on immigrant populations. “There will be less of a tight job market if more individuals are permitted to work in our country,” Gomez said on Thursday.

According to Bloomberg, the liberals’ biggest proponent of legalization and immigration, Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, agreed with the assertion.

“There aren’t enough people looking for work.” As a result, the cost of business and the cost to the consumer both increase. As per, “if there are more employees doing their tasks, it’s deflating.”

Democrats’ backing for employing immigrants to decrease Americans’ salaries comes after a slew of press and advocacy groups urged migration should be used to keep inflation under control.

Mark Krikorian, head of the Center for Migration Research, remarked, “A tightening labor market is how less-skilled employees boost their pay.”

“Why does a Democrat, of all people, promote cutting or trying to hold down working people’s salaries through immigrants and refugees?” he said. “The answer is migration is more essential to Democrats than everything else, including working-class wages.”

Democrats Aren’t Keeping Any Secrets

According to Krikorian, liberals are “saying the silent part out loud.” Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown evaded the topic, according to

“I reject the misleading premise that the only way to keep consumer costs low is to rely on low-wage, uncontrolled labor.” More stable and predictable labor is the key to supply chain robustness in the future, says the report.

Most Republican legislators likewise avoid discussing the link between salaries and migration, preferring instead to blame prices on government expenditure.

The majority of legislators bounce around the subject, refusing to discuss it – even refusing to consider it. “Some of these people are just keeping their heads above water by deceiving oneself,” Krikorian explained.

Sen. Brown, for instance, has “been pushing for decreasing wages [through migration] for his whole term in Congress,” according to Krikorian.

“He may possibly explain the [pending] amnesty since they’re already here, but only if you’re also asking for future migration cutbacks, which he isn’t.”

The negative financial effects of cheap workers are also ignored by the media, according to Krikorian. “They’re a part of the system. Some people do not really consider it, thus it’s not a problem. They have a house and children and they’ve been doing this for too long.”

By overwhelming the country’s job market with nearly one million foreign white-collar visa workers, immigration harms American reporters and their college-graduate counterparts.

This imported workforce reduces white-collar pay across a wide range of occupations and forces U.S. technology graduates into media, further lowering market-rate wages for reporters.