New Secret Weapon Unleashed in Ukraine

The Ukrainian army has turned a series of loaned Fiat pickup trucks into transportable rocket launchers capable of shooting down it all, from UAVs to jets.

The Come Back Alive organization gave Fiat Fullback 4X4 pickups, which are being partnered with Mistral man-portable air defense systems donated by Norway.

The upshot is an evasive and movable anti-aircraft system that is assisting Ukraine in neutralizing Russia’s air superiority since the invasion began in late February.

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They Are Effective!

In a Facebook post, Andriy Rymaruk, chairman of the foundation’s military section, said, “They are eliminating hostile drones and helicopters; in the future, they will also protect Russian fighter jets.”

“They’re working with Stingers and 9K38 Igla systems specifically. This type of work necessitates a great deal of movement. That is why we are donating new vehicles to certain organizations rather than used ones.”

“These weapons are efficient and quick, and they could help hit multiple targets.”

After Russia annexed Crimea and initiated military action in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, Vitaliy Deyneg founded the Come Back Alive organization in 2014.

According to, during the continuing assault, the crowd-funded non-governmental group has been delivering bulletproof jackets, thermal optic technology, and other gear to Ukraine’s fighters.

Norway has transferred at least 100 Mistral rockets to Ukraine, as well as an undetermined number of launchers.

The MBDA systems are thermal, short-range missiles that can knock down anything from drone aircraft to fixed-wing planes.

The Ukrainian military has devised an amazing – and reasonably inexpensive – Surface-to-Air Missile system by placing the MANPADS in the beds of donated pickup trucks.

The Mistrals, according to Ukrainian Armed Services Commanding officer Valery Zaluzhny, helped destroy 20 Russian Unmanned Aircraft Systems worth a total of $20 million.

The Come Back Alive organization has released photos of Fiat Fullbacks with the charity’s insignia on their hoods carrying Mistral MANPADS launchers hidden under tarpaulins.

The charity sticks to its promise of not using funds to acquire guns by distributing only pickup pickups.

The Details

The charity claims on its website, “our objective is confined to delivering technologies, training, and trappings to assist and save lives of Ukrainians and enable our fighters to protect Ukraine.”

Since 2014, the charity claims to have supplied Ukraine with 1,000 thermal imagers, over 250 unmanned aerial vehicles, and 1,500 tablets for its continuous fight against Russian aggression.

Medical personnel, snipers, patrol boats, and defense analysts all receive instruction.

According to European officials, Moscow lost up to 20,000 servicemen in the three-month-long conflict, with another 30,000 injured.

Since the assault began, 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been slain, according to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Since the conflict began, upwards of 30 countries have delivered military help to Ukraine, including firearms and ammunition, rockets, attack aircraft, and artillery.

The US has given Kyiv over $3 billion of new aid and sold $165 million in arms.