New York Charges Man For Defending Himself Against Attempted Robber

Like many other Democrat-run communities, crime has completely spiraled out of control in New York. Democrats in charge continue to prove they’re not serious when it comes to getting ahold of lawlessness and holding criminals accountable for their actions.

It’s for this reason that bad actors are going to keep on running amuck, with innocent folks getting caught in the crossfire.

Now, recent information from Fox News reveals that New York appears more concerned with prosecuting people who defend themselves from criminals.

To say it’s not a pretty picture would be a massive understatement.

A National Disgrace

65-year-old Charles Foehner is facing charges for shooting a man who attempted to rob him while he was walking the streets outside. The charge Foehner faces isn’t for the homicide, but for the possession of a firearm.

New York’s prosecutor on the case says that despite Foehner having a gun permit, the permit didn’t cover possession of the revolver he used to defend himself.

Of course, without this revolver, Foehner could have suffered serious bodily harm, if not death. Nevertheless, New York clearly doesn’t see this as a valid reason not to press charges against the elder man.

Sending the Wrong Message

As New York refuses to hold criminals accountable for their behavior, while prosecuting people who defend themselves, the state is sending a horrible message.

New York might as well be holding up a banner that reads “all criminals welcome.”

For years, conservatives have sounded the alarm against New York’s lax-on-crime attitude. Yet, this type of irresponsible leadership persists, with innocent people getting caught in the crosshairs.

Amid the public learning about Foehner’s case, fundraising has begun to cover the legal expenses he’s going to incur from defending himself in a court of law.

Though, he shouldn’t be facing charges, to begin with. The fact that Foehner is being treated more harshly than career criminals in New York poses major problems going forward.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.