New York Judge Under Fire Amid Controversial Ruling

Soft-on-crime policies are literally costing people their lives around the country. It’s becoming more unsafe for businesses to operate in certain communities, due to a lack of safety for their on-site employees.

Despite these adverse impacts, some Democrats are still standing by such policies and arguing they’re better than ones that hold criminals accountable. Somehow, rising crime rates and the increase of shuttering businesses hasn’t changed their mind.

Though the ruling from one judge in the deep blue state of New York now has a lot of people rightfully upset, according to the New York Post.

A Miscarriage of Justice

Judge Naita Semaj works in the Bronx criminal court, yet has a very different view on handling crime than most Americans.

While overseeing a case involving convict Tyresse Minter accused of murdering a woman’s son, Semaj opted to set the convict free, without bail. She also shut down the prosecution’s request for Corde Scott, the mother of the deceased, to face Minter.

When the judge was asked for Scott to be able to see Minter for herself, she questioned how this pertained to the legal proceedings of the case. Semaj also made it clear in no uncertain terms that she wouldn’t allow the mother of the deceased to face her son’s believed killer.

America Has Questions

Given the criminal status of Minter, many Americans are eager to know why the judge chose to release him without bail. Unfortunately, this type of ruling fits into a pattern that’s all too common in deep blue states where Democrats are running the show.

Nationwide, there are countless examples of people released without bail going on to commit further crimes. This makes it pretty clear that tightening bail laws, rather than relaxing them, is necessary to keep the public safe.

Unfortunately, Democrats in power continue demonstrating their unwillingness to do this.