North Korea Heading Into a Food Crisis

On Tuesday, local residents in North Korea informed Radio Free Asia (RFA) that socialist authorities are advising citizens to consume less for at least additional three years. This is a request North Korea residents see as tantamount to being told to “die of starvation.”

North Korea Had No Contact with the Outside World

In the immediate wake of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic in early 2020, North Korea closed its land bridge, thus shutting off its major economic partner.

North Korea maintains during the entire flu epidemic, it has not recorded a single case of Chinese coronavirus on its soil.

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While ruler Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship is subjected to unprecedented global restrictions, sources from the border suggest China routinely flouted such restrictions. They reportedly ran a thriving local economy on the Yalu River’s North Korean border, prior to the outbreak.

American military officers reported in late 2020, they had grounds to suppose North Korean leaders gave an order to kill and murder everyone seeking to enter the nation, even Chinese traders.

The sudden withdrawal of Chinese items from North Korea (along with destructive floods that have severely limited North Korea’s agricultural output) resulted in a widespread food emergency.

Kim has often encouraged North Korea to save supplies and forewarned of another “grueling march” in the long term; this is a word usually reserved for the country’s 1990s widespread hunger period.

North Korea’s Closest Friends (China) are Cut Off Too

Local officials told locals the Chinese frontier will be blocked until 2025, as a result of the pandemic, according to RFA’s informants. These informants did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation from the tyrannical dictatorship.

One anonymous North Korean added, “Authorities highlighted the probability of restoring trade connecting China and North Korea before 2025 is exceedingly small.”

“Right now, the food situation is totally a crisis, and people are suffering from shortages. They can’t help but be depressed when the government informs them they need to save and eat less food until 2025.”

“Some of the inhabitants are stating the situation is so bad right now they don’t know if they’ll be able to make it through the winter,” the person bemoaned. “They claim ordering us to put up with hardship until 2025 is equivalent to instructing us to starve to death.”

“Inhabitants are already trying to make ends meet and have squeezed their belts to the furthest extent possible. They detest the government’s ridiculous demands,” one North Korean said.

The official said residents feel Kim Jong-un may not be aware of the severity of the food scarcity and hence is not acting quickly enough to help feed them.

On Monday, the Regime daily Rodong Sinmun published an article titled, “We Live Under the Loving Care of Revered Comrade Kim Jong-un,” which appeared to answer to worries Kim is not adequately involved in North Korean affairs.