NYC Mayor Says Every Town and City Must Take Migrants

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated in a recent interview that he believes migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border ought to be transferred to all cities across the whole nation.

NYC Mayor Has Had Enough

Adams stated in America, there are 108,000 towns, villages, and cities. He claimed it won’t be an added strain on one city. He then continued to say if everybody adopts just a little bit of that, this will give migrants what they clearly need.

The NYC mayor also thinks it’s important to have clear figures. In New York City, they have accepted nearly 70,000 migrants seeking refuge. 42,000 of them remain in their charge, according to Adams.

He continued by saying this problem can be fixed if it is dealt with correctly at the southern border when they finally persuade Congress, especially the Republican Party, to address an all-encompassing immigration strategy.

Adams’ Fallout With the Biden Administration

As the mayor of New York City resigned from President Biden’s reelection advisory committee, CBS host Margaret Brennan, on Sunday, asked questions.

She asked whether or not Adams believed the rumored $30 million in government assistance for dealing with the flood of immigrants into the Big Apple was sufficient.

According to Adams, New York City has so far invested more than $1 billion to solve the immigration problem; it is anticipated that further investments of more than $4 billion would be required.

The mayor also disputed the claim made by certain Republicans that Democrat-run communities are attracting immigrants as a result of their position as “sanctuaries.”

Adams finally said the matter at hand is that the GOP just neglected to address true reform of immigration for a long time.

He claimed that this is an international problem. No community, not even El Paso or Brownsville in Texas, deserves to be suffering through this.