Obama Shocks By Making Uvalde School Massacre About George Floyd

Former President Obama caused widespread bewilderment, recently.

He chose to make the horrifying elementary school massacre in Uvalde, Texas about the second anniversary of the killing of George Floyd.

Making Uvalde Massacre About Floyd’s Killing

Obama posted his tweets about the Uvalde school shooting. He then went on to enjoy a night out with a visit to a Broadway show before having dinner at a luxury Italian restaurant in New York City.

The mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week shocked the world.

18-year-old local Salvador Ramos shot dead a total of 19 children and two teachers before he was gunned down by law enforcement.

The bloodshed in Uvalde occurred a day before Wednesday’s two-year mark since the killing of George Floyd.

In a bizarre Twitter feed, Obama somehow decided the Uvalde massacre and the death of George Floyd belong together.

Obama started by saying while “we grieve” for the murdered “children,” “we should” also remember it has been two years since George Floyd’s death.

From there, the former Democrat president ranted about Floyd’s murder was followed by the “rise” of a “new generation of activists” who managed to direct their anger towards “organized action” for reform of the police and criminal justice system.

It remained unclear whether Obama meant the 2020 riots causing $1 billion in damages, the scandal-ridden BLM foundation, or vicious “defund the police” efforts that turned once proud and prosperous American cities into cesspools of violent assaults and economic crime.

Enjoying Himself in NYC After Bizarre Twitter Rant

Obama then concluded his questionable tirade by promoting an initiative launched by his foundation, all of that on top of “grief” for “Uvalde children.”

His weird Twitter rant quickly brought out a storm of indignant reactions and ridicule.

Some of those who reacted wondered how the Uvalde massacre may be connected in any way to the killing of George Floyd.

Others accused the former president of seemingly using the tragedy of the elementary school massacre just to advertise his “favorite activist group.”

One commentator, Harry Khachartrian, a contributor to Washington Examiner, summed up Obama’s comments as claiming George Floyd was actually “the real victim of Uvalde.”

Unmoved by the rampant indignation, and with no intention to rectify his rant, Obama was spotted later on Wednesday night, enjoying himself in NYC, The Daily Mail reported.

The former president first visited the New World Stages theater located on W. 49th Street, which presently shows a “musical about dreamers.”

After that, he was escorted by the New York Police Department and Secret Service to a posh Italian restaurant in Chelsea, Portal.

Here, he had dinner in a private room together with several guests. He was escorted back to his NYC hotel about three hours later.