Obama: Demonizing Political Opponents Will Cause Harm

Former President Barack Obama cautioned on Tuesday that “demonizing” opposition politicians will result in “people getting injured,” a day after President Biden attacked Republicans in a national address.

Obama Joins Campaign Trail

Obama’s words came as Democrats have required him on the campaign trail before next week’s midterm elections.

This is largely because of President Joe Biden’s low popularity ratings and widespread displeasure with the direction of the country, especially the economy.

Obama stated at a rally in Nevada on Tuesday that the rising trend of demonizing political adversaries creates a perilous situation.

More people will be injured if elected representatives do not openly reject over-the-top language; if they dismiss or make light of that type of violence or if they urge their fans to stand outside polling places armed and wearing tactical gear.

Despite consistently denigrating tens of millions of Republicans as a menace to the nation, Biden ended up giving a national address in which he implored Americans to unite behind shared ideals.

Biden stated that former President Donald Trump’s statements towards the 2020 presidential race “fueled” the frightening increase in political violence and voter suppression over the previous two years.”

Biden asserted, “This brutality against Democrats, Republicans, and impartial officials simply doing their duties are the result of lies spread for power and money.”

“Conspiracy and malice-based lies. Constant lying that builds a vicious cycle of rage, hatred, and even violence.”

Biden asserted the “vast majority of Americans feel our democracy is in jeopardy, that our democracy is threatened” because “the losing former president of the United States failed to recognize the outcomes of the 2020 election.”

Biden stated Donald Trump’s allegations were “an article of religion in the MAGA Republican Party” and that “extreme MAGA Republicans seek to cast doubt on the validity of not only prior elections, but also current elections.”

Biden’s Claims Have No Evidence

Biden asserted without proof, “The radical MAGA component of the Republican Party, which is a minority within that party, but remains its driving force, is attempting to triumph where they faltered in 2020.”

It wants “to restrict the right of voters and disrupt the political system itself. That entails rejecting your voting rights and determining whether or not your vote counts.”

Biden asserted, “Rather than waiting until the election is over, they are beginning far in advance.”

“They are now beginning. They have encouraged voter and election official violence and intimidation. This year, it is predicted that more than 300 election skeptics would appear on ballots across the United States.”

“We cannot overlook the effect this has on our nation. It is harmful, corrosive, and devastating. I want to make this abundantly clear: this isn’t about me. It pertains to all of us.”