Kamala Harris Lands in Europe for Peace Talks

As the Ukraine crisis worsens, the White House officially confirmed that Vice President Kamala Harris would have to go to Europe.

What Will She Possibly Do?

As European politicians weigh growing tensions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Harris will go to Germany to join the Munich Conference Held. Putin is still debating whether or not to attack Ukraine again, as he keeps rising soldiers near the border.

Harris’ visit will “show our unwavering commitment to our NATO allies” and “underscore our support to Ukraine’s sovereignty and national integrity,” according to Sabrina Singh, the vice president’s deputy communications director.

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Harris is routinely dispatched by the White House to deal with politically charged problems, such as the “core causes” of Biden’s immigration crisis and the battle against Republican voting protection laws.

Harris hasn’t made any significant progress on either subject.

In November, the vice president was dispatched to France to help repair ties with America’s oldest friend after the Biden government enraged the French by failing to notify them of a nuclear sub deal with the Australians.

Harris keeps delivering to Putin the signal that attacking Ukraine again would be a disaster.

“There will be terrible consequences if Russia, as well as Vladimir Putin, violates Ukraine’s territorial integrity, so we’re very explicit about that,” Harris said in a January speech.

Biden encouraged Americans to flee Ukraine early Monday.

“I believe it would be prudent to leave the nation,” Biden said during a White House press briefing with Chancellor H.E. Scholz. “If they actually invaded, I’d hate to see them caught in the middle, and there’s no reason for it.”

All Americans Must Leave Ukraine

Military press secretary John Kirby said on CNN’s “Briefing Room” there is “no current preparation” for a non-combatant evacuation of US citizens in Ukraine. Also, there is “more than enough time for Americans living in Ukraine to depart.”

“If Russia invades Ukraine, is there really a US backup idea to send American forces into Ukraine to just get 30,000 US citizens out?” said host Wolf Blitzer.

“There is no active preparation for what we would characterize as a non-combatant exodus inside Ukraine,” Kirby replied.

Right now, there isn’t a design that allows you to achieve that. Westerners who are now residing in Ukraine have plenty of time to go. The Department of State was clear it does not want Americans to travel to Ukraine right now.

“If you’re in Ukraine, you should consider leaving, according to the government. Right now, there are plenty of means, vehicles, and transportation options accessible for you to do it safely.”

“You want them evacuated right away?” Blitzer inquired.

“That’s right,” Kirby replied. “This isn’t a good moment for Americans to be in Ukraine and we’ve openly encouraged them to leave.”