On the Brink: Chinese Missiles Fly Towards Taiwan!

Taiwan reported on Thursday that communist China launched several ballistic missiles from the Dongfeng class toward the seas to the north and south of Taiwan.

According to some accounts, the Taiwanese administration claimed two missiles had been fired from the adjacent Matsu Archipelago by communist China.

How Long Until War?

According to other reports, the Taiwan Straits middle line was crossed by about ten Chinese naval ships.

According to persons familiar with the situation, President Biden’s government has apparently been pushing against a bill that’d boost Taiwan by designating it as a significant non-NATO ally.

The law would promote its participation in international organizations and provide $4.5 billion in security assistance.

Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, is one of the bill’s supporters, but Senator Chris Murphy declared, “The White House has major reservations. I have very serious worries.”

Murphy said the bill, which was scheduled for a decision on Wednesday, is being held up by the Foreign Relations panel.

Co-sponsor and Republican from South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, said, “It’s a mistake of how to keep the globe in order. They always choose the easiest route.”

He said, “If you placed this before the Senate, it would win easily.”

China’s foreign office protested to the United States prior to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan this week, stating such a visit “clearly interferes upon China’s territorial sovereignty and security.”

According to France 24, China’s military source declared it would release “targeted combat actions.” Chinese state media outlet, Xinhua, described live-fire exercises and other workouts around Taipei from Thursday to Sunday.

The Chinese military also declared joint air and sea exercises near Taiwan, beginning on Tuesday, and the missile test of traditional missile systems in the ocean east of Taiwan.

China Isn’t Bluffing

Chinese President Xi Jinping allegedly warned the United States last Thursday during a chat with Biden concerning America’s relations with Taiwan, as reported by the Chinese Washington Embassy.

“Those who play with flames will scorch to death. It is expected the U.S. will be honest about this,” Xi cautioned in the Chinese speech.

“Poor Joe Biden,” said Max Baucus, the former Obama administration’s envoy to China, to CNN on Tuesday.

“He appears weak because either he advised her [Pelosi] against going, which gave the Chinese the impression he was weak, or because he advised against going, but she went anyway. To the Chinese, that gives us a little weaker appearance.”

He said, “I felt the need to tell you, one thing I truly discovered while I was serving in Beijing, Chinese recognize power better than anybody in any other nation.”

“They were able to smell vulnerability 100 miles away. We need to be strong, but in the greatest way possible.”