Oprah, Obama Pile Huge Pressure on Manchin to Kill Filibuster

Top Democrats are staging a massive pressure campaign in order to convince independent-minded Democrat Senator Joe Manchin to support killing the filibuster.

Democrats Bring in the ‘Big Guns’

Manchin, the West Virginia moderate, has so far almost single-handedly thwarted the adoption of Biden’s multi-trillion Build Back Better spending agenda.

The Democrat majority in the US Senate is so thin it has to rely on all 50 leftist senators, plus the tie-breaking vote of Senate President Kamala Harris.

This has turned Manchin into the most hated man for leftist radicals. The increasingly dominating progressive wing of the Democrat Party has been eager to see through the trillions’ worth of pork barrel spending.

Manchin also infuriated the leftist radicals with his principled position against the partisan Democrat calls for ending the filibuster.

Among the key liberal-leftist figures pushing Manchin to end the filibuster are Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton, according to a report by Politico.

All three of them have telephoned Manchin to try to convince him to back the abolition of the filibuster, according to comments the West Virginia Democrat made before his colleagues.

Democrats used to be firmly opposed to doing away with the filibuster out of fear Republicans would do the same if they regain their majorities in the chambers of the US Congress.

Manchin Knows What’s Coming

It remains to be seen whether Manchin’s will can be bent, considering the fact it was precisely him who caused the Democrats to abandon their all-out attempt to pass the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better spending package.

This year, he said he’s done with it. Manchin remained firm in his opposition to its provision on extending child tax credits because it will exacerbate the already raging Biden-flation.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been a key figure in the failure to pass Build Back Better.

He’s also upped the ante by vowing to seek a “nuclear option” of abolishing the filibuster unless the Democrats get 10 GOP senators to back their electoral legislation by January 17, the day of Martin Luther King Jr.

Even though Manchin said he supports the federal “voting rights” legislation, he has been very unwilling to abolish the filibuster, describing that as a “nuclear option” and a “very difficult” heavy lift.

Yet, the senator from West Virginia hasn’t ruled out altogether what has been described as a filibuster abolition “carve-out” so the Democrats can pass their electoral bill.

However, Manchin still remains extremely weary of the option, saying it wouldn’t be a “carve-out” but an “eating of the whole turkey.”

That is because it would become a “back and forth” next time Republicans gain power. There will be “nothing left” of the filibuster rule, which was introduced for a reason.