Parents Finally Stand Up Against Leftist School Boards

Finally, American parents in San Fransisco have taken the initiative and taken control of their children’s school.

San Francisco voters largely supported a vote on Tuesday to recall three of the city’s school boards, poll workers reported.

This is only the beginning

During the COVID epidemic, critics argued the members (President of the Education Department Gabriela López, Faauuga Moliga, the vice president, and Councilmember Alison Collins) tried to push leftist ideas.

They did this rather than act in the best interests of children and the electorate did agree, according to the San Francisco Department of Elections.

Breed said after the election, “The citizens of this city have issued a strong message that the school administration must focus on the necessities of delivering a well-run education department above everything else.”

“San Francisco is a city that believes in the importance of great ideas, but those ideas must be supported by a government that gets the basics right.”

Democrats in San Francisco, among the most liberal places in the nation, were split on the recall movement.

The mayor, who is now in charge of picking new board members to cover the vacancies until the November election, lauded the parents who spearheaded the initiative.

She stated that the families were “fighting for what counts best, their children.” Those opposed to the recollection called it a waste of money and time.

However, enough San Francisco inhabitants signed a petition in January 2021, accusing the school board of making poor decisions, including renaming 44 schools, while taking too long to reopen divisional schools closed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Parents are taking over and just getting started

“The city of San Francisco has spoken up and said putting our children last is not acceptable,” said Siva Raj, a mother who was instrumental in the recall drive.

“Our children will not be educated by talking; they will be educated by action. It’s not about a symbolic gesture or altering a school’s name; it’s about letting learners inside the institution study and learn math.”

Collins, Lopez, and Moliga have continually defended themselves as they argue their record proves they are just doing what they were appointed to accomplish.

The recall began in January 2021, after the boards decided to name 44 schools that celebrated Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein – famous icons the board felt were tied to racism and sexism.

The concept was later slammed for anachronisms, and the school board decided to scrap it. Collins was chastised once more after comments she sent in 2016 were revived, with opponents accusing her of being racist.

Collins stated the tweets were taken out of context, declined to erase them, then sued the county and her colleagues for $87 million. The lawsuit was thrown out.