Parents Wish to Protect the Victims of the Covenant Shooter

Following the shooting rampage at the exclusive primary school, Covenant School parents’ legal records illustrate how they feel about the shooter’s manifesto being made public.

Publicizing the Writing Will Cause Harm

The Covenant School parents claim in their 20-page court document that they are victims of one of the most horrific killings in Tennessee history.

They say that the manifesto, any writings of the killer, or anything else that may lead others to commit the same violent acts, must never be made public.

Some terms in our language do not require any more explanation.

Each of the names of the incidents — Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and Uvalde —evokes images of horror, violence, and the deaths of children, the most defenseless members of our society, according to court records submitted in response to a request for the document’s release.

Now, following the events of March 27, 2023, Nashville and other places associate the word Covenant with the same meaning. The things that happened on that day tore the community’s fabric apart and permanently changed our sense of safety.

The parents submitted the court brief as part of their intervention in a civil case.

This case was brought by The Tennessean, Tennessee Firearms Association, Clata Renee Brewers of the National Police Association, and others to obtain access to all of the killer’s journals, which were seized by law enforcement as evidence.

On March 27, a shooter entered the Covenant School and started shooting, killing three adults and three kids.

The goal of the petition for publication is to discover the reasons behind the shooter’s horrible crime. Parents of Covenant claim in court documents that it would cause more damage than good.

Respect the Victims

According to the legal brief, parents want to protect their kids from more trauma and injury.  This includes pain that would linger for the rest of their existence if the killer, their attacker, were allowed to haunt them after death.