Pelosi and Biden are Chinese Agents

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) said on Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show” that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) changed her stance on China “around the time her husband got engaged economically in Chinese assets and enterprises.”

This is a prime example of people being co-opted by the Chinese Communist Party.

Pelosi is a Chameleon

Guy Benson, the host, asked the lawmaker what he thinks about Pelosi advising US athletes competing in China not to speak out about the country’s myriad human rights abuses.

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Waltz stated Pelosi refused to endorse his bill asking for a boycott, as well as his bill declaring if you’re going to be selling things created with modern-day forced labor, you shouldn’t be free to sell to the defense industry.

None of these bills were supported by the House Speaker. The problem is, she’s always been brutal on Tibet throughout history. She had a meeting with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

Pelosi was a difficult cookie. However, she changed her mind a few years ago. It happened to be around the same time her husband became substantially involved with Chinese investments and enterprises.

This is how the Communist Party of China functions. They enlist the help of others.

Biden is In on It

“What was originally a narrative of corruption and cronyism, we now have to understand is an intel story; it’s not just an issue of the Bidens becoming rich,” said Schweizer, writer of Red-Handed: How American Leaders Get Rich Helping China Win.

“We need to start talking about it and looking into whether the Biden family is under investigation.”

“We recognized there was a business tie in the past, that Hunter Biden put it all together,” he added. “In 2018, I broke a story. What we would now know is there are two distinct strands that are both vital.”

“He gave us access to an email account by utilizing the Hunter Biden computer and messages from an email address of one of Hunter’s business associates.”

“We now understand that every deal the Bidens made in China was facilitated by persons with ties to Chinese espionage at the highest levels.”

“We also now understand that Hunter Biden made these agreements,” Schweizer continued, “but the bigger family profited. We know Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, received at least $2 million from Beijing.”

“Hunter Biden was also known to be supporting his dad’s lifestyle. He was making payments on his bills. While Joe Biden remained vice president, he was financing renovations on his home in Delaware.”

“It’s not only against the law, but it’s also unethical. It demonstrates that Biden benefited from Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings. It’s no longer acceptable for him to claim, ‘Well, I wasn’t involved.’ He was one of the lucky ones.”