Pelosi Forced to Reckon With Her Pro-Abortion Stance

Due to her pro-abortion attitude, San Francisco Archdiocese Salvatore Cordileone has stopped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was banned from getting Holy Communion.

This escalates a decades-long feud between both the Roman Catholic Church and left-wing Democratic lawmakers over abortion rights.

No Church for Pelosi

Cordileone addressed the California Democrat, telling her she must not come forward for Blessed Sacrament at Mass and that if she did, priests will not give her communion.

“A Catholic lawmaker who prefers obtained abortion, despite understanding the Church’s teaching, does a plainly terrible sin that causes great scandal to others.”

“As a result, according to worldwide church doctrine, such people “are not to be admitted to Holy Communion,” he writes in the statement.

The Catholic Church’s law is very clear on abortion, both in terms of getting one and aiding in one: “Since the first centuries, the Church has maintained the moral wrongness of every obtained abortion,” the school says.

“This message has never changed and will never change.”

“Direct abortion,” it says, “that is, abortion bequeathed as a purpose or a means, is severely adverse to the moral code,” before branding abortion and murder “abhorrent crimes.”

“Formal participation in an abortion is a major criminal,” it adds. “This crime against human life carries the canonical punishment of ex-communication,” according to the church.

Despite this stance, liberal Catholic leaders have made a huge effort to manage their Catholic beliefs with their support for abortion laws.

In 1984, then-New York top man Mario Cuomo famously expanded his own personal beliefs on abortion but said he couldn’t force his ideas on the rest of the nation.

Democrats Always Change Their Ways

However, Democrats like Pelosi have become more vocal in their support for pro-abortion legislation since then.

Biden, a devout Catholic, previously supported the Hyde Amendment, which prevented US funds from being used to fund abortions in other nations.

When he ran for office in 2020, he turned on the amendment, calling “a woman’s right to choose” “essential.”

“I have no choice but to express an opinion, in maintaining with canon 915, that individuals are not to be conceded to Blessed Sacrament,” Cordileone decided to write to Pelosi on April 7.

“As a result, in light of my obligation as Archbishop of San Francisco to be “worried for all the Christian true believers delegated to [my] care” (Code of Canon Law, can. 383, 1), I am hereby going to inform you that you are not to display yourself for Holy Communion.”

“When you do, you will not be admitted to Holy Communion until you publicly renounce your advocates for the credibility of abortion, confess, and recede,” he stated.

Pelosi has been at odds with the Catholic Church for years, attempting to portray herself as both a “deeply religious” Catholic and a staunch defender of behavior the church regards as a moral evil.