Pentagon Documents Leaked on Discord

Released Pentagon documents that brought US espionage to a standstill first surfaced in a hidden online meme community of gaming nerds.

Documents Leaked

The group is devoted to Wow Mao, a 20-year-old British university student whose bizarre political commentary has earned him 250,000 YouTube subscribers.

Approximately 30 secret Pentagon documents about the Russia-Ukraine war were published by someone who was part of Wow Mao’s Discord videogame chat group last month. This prompted the Biden administration to take action to minimize the consequences.

The records show how Ukrainian forces are out of weapons. They show the position of Ukrainian air safeguards and the covert deployment of American and British special forces into the conflict area.

Wow Mao claims, not knowing how the person who leaked it came into possession of the top-secret cache, that the unnamed user wasn’t definitely the source. He speculated that the files had likely been exchanged with his internet friend via an online activity like Minecraft.

Wow Mao informed the New York Times, that it simply disseminated onto the most niche, nerdiest corners of the web. Losers are the type of individuals who would stumble upon these papers. The American authorities must genuinely fear that person.

He claimed that on March 1, an administrator of his Discord channel, the End of Wow Mao Zone, provided 30 plus leaked records regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. Just over a month later, he accidentally found himself at the heart of the controversy.

Mao Claims Innocence

He admitted to the Times that he spent ‘minimal effort’ on the Discord server and primarily concentrated on his YouTube channel.

Wow Mao claimed he is British and Filipino, but refused to provide the media with his true identity. He described the leaked information on his server as hilarious.

It just propagated to the nerdiest, most specialized areas of the web, he claimed.