Petition to Admit Biological Men in Girls’ Schools Gained Massive Traction

Hundreds of far-left individuals signed a petition that supported a controversial gender dysphoria policy, allowing biological men to be admitted to all-girls schools.

Even though parents opposed the admission of trans girls in all-girls schools, the signatories of the petition suggested the progressive policy would pave the way for inclusivity.

Far-Left Planning to Destroy Girls’ Education

Earlier this month, Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee, announced its new admission policy named “Gender Diversity Philosophy.”

In an email sent to parents, the school administration revealed even though Harpeth Hall is specifically dedicated to girls’ education, all those boys who identify as girls will also be able to be admitted to the school.

Furthermore, the administration noted girls who identify as boys would not be served at the school anymore. All the students who want to study in the all-girls Harpeth Hall school will need to adopt she and her pronouns, the policy read.

Though civil society vehemently opposed the policy right after its release. When the school administration received backlash from civil society, they paused the implementation of the policy.

A group of parents, alumni, and donors sent a letter to Harpeth Hall’s Board of Trustees, demanding the resignations of all the officials involved in the implementation of the anti-girls policy.

Responding to the concerns of parents, the school administration wrote it cares about the sentiments of different stakeholders; so the implementation of the policy is paused with immediate notice.

Once the policy was disbanded, the school administration wrote an email to parents, claiming the school has a deep respect for the opinion of the parents and other stakeholders.

According to the woke administration, the Harpeth Hall Board of Trustees would ban the adoption of the controversial gender policy for the time being so it could engage a wider group audience in the discussion before taking any final decision. 

Gender Dysphoria Ripening in Schools

However, a lot of individuals did not like the school’s decision to pause the policy. This led them to start a petition, thus forcing Harpeth Hall’s Board of Trustees to reinstate the controversial policy.

Almost 800 people have already signed the petition, renewing pressure on the all-girls schools to admit biological men as well.

Many signatories of the petition claimed to be the parents of the students, alumni, and donors of Harpeth Hall School.

In addition to that, Harpeth Hall Board received another petition with more than 1,000 signatures, which urged the school administration to conduct a town-hall style meeting in the presence of all stakeholders to discuss the new admission policy of the school.

This gender dysphoria movement is not limited to Harpeth Hall school only. In 2016, another all-girls school in New York City, Barnard College, allowed those boys to be admitted to the school.

Now, all the Seven Sister colleges allow transgender girls to apply for admission to girls’ schools

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.