Plucky Russian Officials Demand Treason Charges For Putin Over Ukraine War

(TV footage snapshot showing sickly and elderly Putin nodding off during a state council meeting this week.)

In a surprising development, city councilors from the same neighborhood where Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin was born and grew up, have petitioned the parliament in Moscow to charge him with high treason because of his ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s Horrific Ukrainian Military Quagmire

In the 6.5 months since the start of the all-out Russian invasion, Ukraine not only hasn’t crumbled, but has been constantly giving the Russians a bloody nose.

At the same time, the Russian military has been struggling to find new recruits, increasingly recruiting not just prison inmates, but even mental hospital patients.

The Putin regime has been unwilling to declare a mass mobilization for two main reasons: it fears the breakout of an armed revolution that can topple it and because the invasion of Ukraine was supposed to be a small, painless, massive victory against an inferior enemy.

(Social media photo of the seven city councilors calling for Putin’s ouster.)

‘Not Afraid to Speak Out’

In a surprising move on Wednesday (considering that standing up to the Putin dictatorship could bring a beating, torture, a long prison sentence, interment in a Gulag-style penal colony, and/or untimely death), a group of pro-democratic city councilors from St. Petersburg called for Putin to face treason charges.

The councilors made an appeal to the rubber-stamp parliament in Moscow to charge Putin with high treason for starting the invasion of Ukraine. This invasion caused tens of thousands of Russian troops, Ukrainian soldiers, and civilians to perish, while severely hurting Russia’s economy.

In their statement, the councilors bemoaned the facts that young, “able-bodied” Russians are dying or getting “maimed” in Putin’s war in Ukraine.

They lamented over the US-led NATO alliance expanding east as more European nations ask to join, fearful of Russian aggression. At the same time, Ukraine is getting armed with “new modern equipment.”

One of the councilors in question, 34-year-old Nikita Yuferev, said, as cited by The Daily Mail, the body listed the reasons it believes Putin’s invasion of Ukraine constitutes “high treason.”

Another one of the councilors, 35-year-old Dmitry Palyuga, said one of the “declared goals” of Putin’s attack was “to demilitarize Ukraine,” whereas now “exactly the opposite” has occurred.

Palyuga sought to explain he and his colleagues do not support the state goals of the Russian tyrant, but they are using his own “rhetoric” to demonstrate how he is “damaging” Russia’s national security with his war in Ukraine.

The councilor added their move is designed to “show the people” there are still “democratic representatives” in Russia who disagree with the course of action of the Putin regime.

“We aren’t afraid to speak out,” Palyuga stated. A number of Russians voicing some form of criticism of the regime have perished under mysterious circumstances.

The latest mystery death has been that of 67-year-old Ravil Maganov, the head of Russian oil giant Lukoil, who last week “fell” from a Moscow hospital window.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.