Police Brutality and Authoritarian Rule in Modern Day Canada

As they try to smash the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy, Canadian authorities have made scores of additional arrests in the national capital of Ottawa.

In his recent press briefing on the operational phase, Steve Bell, the acting police commissioner for the City of Ottawa, revealed, “We have detained 47 persons, bringing the total to 170.”

His Streets?

“As we begin to reclaim our streets,” he boasted, “City of Ottawa employees and other government vehicles arrived in the area to mop up and tuck away all of the demonstrators’ belongings and equipment.”

“Officers deployed a powerful irritant, sometimes known as tear gas, to disperse unlawful protesters who were refusing police commands,” he confirmed.

Images from the Canadian city show officers dressed in military fatigues and equipped with rifles moving against the Freedom Convoy. They’re backed up by officers dressed in more standard riot gear wielding batons and rough wooden clubs.

“This is difficult work,” Acting Chief Bell said, adding that cops “are just doing what they’ve been educated to do” and “illustrated extraordinary discipline, restraint, and the highest level of competence.”

“I praise them for their efforts yesterday throughout the day and today,” he said, ignoring video of horseback officers knocking down and seeming to stomp an older lady with a mobility walker. This had gone viral on social media, previous to his media briefing.

“I’m appreciative of them and all of our police officers who have assisted in this operation,” Bell stated emphatically.

The anti-convoy effort, Bell explained, was led by Ottawa, but assisted by police officers across the former British province.

The Crackdown

“We have cops from all around the state and nation here to assist us; everyone who is supporting this endeavor is glad to be here,” he said, implying officers have zero qualms about executing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emergency measures clampdown on protests.

“Police play an important role in our representative government, and this operation demonstrates our institution’s dedication and ability to sustain a lawful society,” Bell said.

This raised the eyebrows of those who believe the Canadian government’s use of the emergency rule to disperse an opposition, sometimes at gunpoint, signaled a shift toward authoritarian rule in the COVID era.

“With humility, sir, can you describe what seems to be excessive use of force by law enforcement officers when an activist is arrested?”

“There are numerous videos on social networking showing officers delivering strikes with their knees and fists while the demonstrators are down — is this essential?” one reporter said.

Despite the fact the footage made the rounds and Canadians and others from all over the world reported them to Ottawa police’s very active social media accounts, Bell said he had not “particularly seen the videos you’re referring to.”