Pompeo to release Clinton emails and Trump recovers from the Chinese Virus

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Since prescient Trump ordered the declassification of all documents relating to the Clinton lead “Russia collusion” scandal, Secretary of State Mike Mike Pompeo announced that he would be releasing documents as fast as he can.

“We’ve got the emails. We’re getting them out. We are going to get all this information out so the American people can see it,” Pompeo told Perino. “You’ll remember, there was classified information on a private server, should never have been there. Hillary Clinton should never have done that. It was unacceptable behavior.”

“It’s not the kind of thing that leaders do,” Pompeo added. “They don’t put that kind of information out, and you can see whether it’s Russia or China or Iran or the North Koreans who want to get their hands on this kind of information. Classified information needs to stay in the right places. Secretary Clinton, when she was here at the State Department, did not do that.” Pompeo told Fox News

Pompeo was not clear as to which emails he possessed or planned to release, but he said he would not publish any information that would harm US intelligence agencies or the public.

“I’ve been at this a long time with President Trump for four years now, almost. I’ve never seen him do anything that would put any kind of asset, any kind of one of our officers in any harm’s way. He wouldn’t do that. We’ll get the information out that needs to get out and we’ll do it in a way that protects the intelligence sources that we need to protect,” Pompeo said.

He added that the information would likely be dropped before the election. “We’re doing it as fast as we can. I certainly think there will be more to see before the election,”

Trump is medication free

Trump sat down for an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday where he explained in detail his experiences over the past week. He announced that he is medication free!

“They wanted to keep me for observation,” Trump said. “You know, they wanted to be sure it was good. But … I was there for, I guess, three-and-a-half days. They wanted to keep me. I wanted to leave after the first day. I really felt I was in not bad shape. After the first day, I think I would have been in much worse shape had I not taken this [Regeneron] medication.”

The president faced criticism last weekend after he briefly left Walter Reed on Sunday to wave to supporters who had gathered outside the medical facility. Fox News reported

“I could hear them from the hospital,” Trump recalled. “I was way up high. And, you know, [I’m in] this very fortified military hospital that’s, you know, built to the highest standard. And yet through these very powerful windows, I could hear people screaming and shouting and with love, with real love.

“And after two days, I said, ‘You know, I want to go out and say hello to the people.’ And I went to Secret Service. And these are the people that are with me all the time. And they said, ‘We have no problem, sir.’ I said, ‘I just want to take a drive by them and just wave.’ And you saw what happened. 

“It was a great display of love out there,” Trump said of the drive. “I don’t think there was one negative person, and there was many, many, many people.”