Portland Rioters Burn Building with COVID-19 PPE


The day after The Portland Riots Night 82, the new chief of police is asking rioters to kindly stop because “the world is watching.  we are on the national stage right now.”

On night 82 of the riots, police reported from their previous favorite targets in downtown Portland, a marauding mob of “several hundred” rioters set fire to the Multnomah County Building across the river…
That is where the county commission is holding its meetings, social services are being doled out, and executives have their offices, including the sheriff’s office and other top executives.

The Building also houses various county offices

As it turns out, that’s also where the COVID-fighting Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the city is stored.

After Night 82 of The Portland Riots, Mayor Ted Wheeler weighed in that he was shocked that buildings had been damaged. Yet the mayor cheered on the demonstrators, who magically became rioters at 10 p.m.

Rioters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter are burning, looting, attacking, abusing, and holding Portlanders hostage in various districts while blocking streets and throwing out their anti-government and anti-Trump soundbites. They do not show any signs of stopping. The uprisings are expected to continue until after the election.

The domestic terrorists set fire to the Multnomah Building using an accelerant as seen in video footage.
The building’s first floor, damaged by fire , smoke, and water, is the county’s specialty PPE repository for first responders dealing with COVID-19 cases.

Deborah Kafoury, chairman of Multnomah County, who described the domestic terrorists as “largely peaceful,” offered a non-judgmental, dispassionate assessment of the harm done by the rioters who set the county building on fire.

We understand that the demonstration that took place in front of the Multnomah Building was largely peaceful, until some of those who were part of the demonstration broke windows and set a fire in the Office of Community Involvement.

… I’m incredibly relieved that nobody was in the building at the time. The broken glass, smoke, and water is limited to the first floor, where, since COVID-19, much of our region’s personal protective equipment [PPE] is being collected, distributed to our hospitals, and to our community members. If the fire had spread, or that life-protecting equipment had been damaged by smoke and water, then healthcare workers, patients, and seniors would have paid the price for the actions last night.

Kafoury did not report that the fire, smoke and the resulting water from the fire sprinklers damaged any of the PPE.

Local Democratic leaders continue to support the rioters

People who set fire to buildings with people inside probably don’t care much about burning up paper goods, but Kafoury tried to talk to the terrorists and tell them she’s on their side.

Kafoury said rioters also done $1.3 million in damage to three county buildings that were targeted during The Portland RiotsTM’s 82-day reign of terror. Since Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has deep connections to the far left and has vowed not to prosecute most of the rioters, they will never be required to serve time or pay fines to compensate for the destruction.

Kafoury strongly endorses the strategy.

We as a community are seeking sweeping and transformative change in our criminal justice and safety systems. I am committed to building a system focused on equity, diversion, restoration, and support. … This county has been a part of a violent and tragic history of oppression. … I am committed to doing the work that it requires to achieve transformational change.

Our community needs to work with us and that includes those who have been protesting for weeks to demand racial justice, police accountability, and a more equitable society.

Multnomah County is committed to the re-imagination, the reflection, and the hard work it’s gonna take to get us there and we can do that when we work together.

Rioters have marauded the entire city, using the publicly funded parks as staging areas for attacks on police precincts, the federal court, and now, the Multnomah County Building.