Prison for Canadian Preachers!

Canada has enacted a “conversion treatment” ban, calling Christian theology on sexuality and transgenderism’s depravity “fiction.”

Furthermore, Bill C-4, which was unanimously approved by both the House and the Senate of Commons, threatens preachers with up to five years in jail if they continue to preach Jesus Christ’s gospel.

The Fight Back Begins

Two Canadian preachers, Jacob Reaume of Trinity Bible Chapel, as well as Tim Stephens of Fairmount Baptist Church, spoke to the Daily Wire about the repercussions of C-4.

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They also talked about Canadian believers’ strategy to react as thousands of American cabinet members show solidarity with the Canadian people of faith. This is being done by evangelizing about biblical sexual morality on Sunday, January 16.

C-4 will “render the teaching of the biblical message a criminal act,” according to Reaume. His church was fined over $100,000 last year for failing to close its doors in violation of Canada’s COVID-19 shutdowns.

“The scriptural message is a message of transformation,” he added, “in which Christ causes unbelievers to be born again, therefore changing people from sinful proclivities to godliness.”

“Many fear the bill’s ambiguous phrasing may outlaw a biblical admonition to abandon sodomitic proclivities and embrace virtue.”

Stephens spent a summer in a max prison for failing to close his church. He went on to say “the legislation is extremely broad in characterizing conversion therapy.” This is effectively establishing “progressive gender ideology and gay theory as acceptable.”

He then declared “all cultures that live as per the biblical ethic” — that is, creational principles — “have thrived.”

“This is now referred to as hazardous.” Ironically, this law supports a sort of ‘conversion’ that is extremely damaging.

The conversation is involving puberty-blocking medications, operations to remove functional breasts and sex organs, regular hormonal therapy, and extremely detrimental counseling.”

Is It Such a Big Issue?

According to Stephens, the degree to which officials will implement the rule is still up in the air.

“Many congregations in Canada already ignore this topic to avoid the wrath of the society. When preaching is made illegal, the devout will be the preaching criminals.”

In reaction to C-4, neither Reaume and neither Stephens intend to change their preaching as gospel preachers.

“I have a divine revelation,” Reaume remarked, “and He has asked me to herald it.”

“I am not in my own, but He purchased me with His Son’s blood. I owe nothing to anyone but Him. I will not cease preaching about God’s requirements for purity and His open offer of forgiveness, by His grace.”

“The law will, if anything, push me to shout out more forcefully and clearly against the horrors of homosexuality and transgender issues.”

“We don’t get to choose our fights, but we do get to choose how we fight them. May the Lord find me to be trustworthy.”