Professor Fired for Forcing Students to Fund Planned Parenthood

A Christian student claimed his Christian convictions drove him to push back in a situation.

This happened when his business professor required her students to donate money to a group that supported Planned Parenthood and other liberal organizations in a lawsuit.

Students Upset

Nathan Barbieri, a student studying finance at Michigan State University’s College of Business, declared his cash is in the control of Planned Parenthood.

He expressed being “very upset” over it in a discussion with Fox News Digital.

He claims as a Christian, he believes it to be his calling.

According to him, Christians are expected to bring attention to the unpleasant things that occur, rather than passively accept abuse. That’s what they do, he declared.

Barbieri serves as one of the two learners who have filed a lawsuit against Amy Wisner, a previous business marketing lecturer who describes herself as an “intersectional feminist.”

The university confirmed to Fox News Digital that Wisner is no longer working there. She identified herself on Instagram as a “former business communication professor.”

The Alliance Protecting Freedom, a legal organization protecting First Amendment rights and religious freedom, submitted the case on Thursday.

The “far-left” lecturer forced each of her 600 pupils to shell out $99 for registration, which in total might have given at most $59,400 to an organization named “The Rebellion Community,” claimed the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, Wisner allegedly remarked that the Rebellion community is an oasis of safety to organize their attempts to “burn everything to the f—ing ground.”

Wisner’s Facebook page stated in a post that 100% of the subscription costs are given to Planned Parenthood. It also backed causes aimed at dismantling authoritarian regimes.

Barbieri stated although the institution’s business department personally reimbursed individuals for what they gave to “The Rebellion Community,” it hadn’t been enough.

Funds Must Be Returned

The funds remain with Planned Parenthood or continue to go to an immoral organization, Barbieri complained. The goal of the case is to amend the institution’s policy.