Progressives Declared “Socialism Wins” After Their Election Victories

Progressive politicians who support socialism are putting on impressive shows in their primary elections nationwide. This can pack the national and state legislatures with radical ideologies after the November elections.

One such far-left Democrat who was supported by progressive Congresswoman AOC celebrated her primary election victory by declaring, “socialism wins.”

Far-Left Politician Celebrated Victory of Socialism

Kristen Gonzalez won the New York state Senate primary election with the help of far-left Democratic stalwart AOC and the equally radical political organization, Democratic Socialists of America.

After her election victory, Gonzalez stated she would continue fighting until socialism takes over New York City.

Gonzalez’s campaign promises include an absolutely free healthcare system, a green NYC, protection for tenants from eviction even if they do not pay rent, and canceling student loans completely.

According to Gonzalez’s campaign website, she will work to collect taxes from rich people and invest that money in creating affordable public housing schemes that will solve the housing crisis for New Yorkers.

Previously, Gonzalez worked as a staffer for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. She is also campaigning on the issue of “queer liberation” to attract far-left voters to her candidacy.

In the modern-day United States, Gonzalez claimed, queer people, especially black and brown individuals in this group, are facing undue attacks against their identity, which is making their education impossible, Gonzalez added.

So, Gonzalez continued, every American should ensure the queer community is getting its fundamental human rights, the violation of which has become a new normal these days.

Gonzalez defeated Elizabeth Crowley, the cousin of former Congressman Joe Crowley, who faced a historic defeat from AOC in the 2018 New York primary elections. This was considered the biggest upset of that election cycle.

Progressives on the Roll

In the last five years, the rise of AOC and her “Squad,” which is the mouthpiece of progressive lawmakers, has empowered many other far-left politicians. This progressive wave is more prominent in deep blue cities, like NYC and Austin, Texas.

Recently, Greg Casar, who served as Austin city councilman, defeated incumbent Democratic state Representative Eddie Rodriguez in state primary elections. Like Gonzalez, Casar is also a self-proclaimed socialist politician backed by AOC.

As Casar will run in the deep blue district, his November election win now seems imminent, which will bring another radical lawmaker into the Texas state House.

In addition to that, Jabari Brisport, another far-left radical, won his primary election for the New York state Senate.

Furthermore, progressive candidate Rebecca Parson, who is seeking to win the Democratic nomination for the US House from Washington state, is also campaigning on far-left talking points.

Parson noted she would bring a radical housing bill to help tenants, while urging millions of homeless people to occupy empty houses nationwide to push other lawmakers to pass that bill.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.