Putin’s Sick With Only Months Left to Live

In a new story, a Ukrainian intelligence official claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ailing from “many major ailments.”

These ailments include cancer, but he will likely live “at least a few more years.”

The Threat Against Putin’s Life

Assassins attempted to kill Putin, according to Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service.

“Budanov, 36, acknowledged the Ukrainians think Putin is fighting cancer in a much-publicized conversation with Ukrayinska Pravda,” the Daily Mail stated.

He said, “He has multiple major ailments, including cancer. However, wishing for Putin’s death tomorrow is pointless. He still has a few years left in him. It’s true whether we like it or not.”

Nonetheless, Budanov acknowledged that Putin’s mental state is “complicated.”

“We can fight and argue about the president’s state here,” he remarked. “He imagined he could conquer the entire country [Ukraine] in three days and raise the Russian flag atop the administration building in Kyiv.”

“Yet, for the third straight month, despite boasting about having the world’s second and occasionally first army, the Russian president can’t deal with ‘primitive non-state Ukraine,’ as he puts it.”

Putin’s condition has been questioned several times before. According to some sources, the 69-year-old former Russian agent has leukemia and is getting chemotherapy.

However, other sources claim he has something else, such as Parkinson’s disease or dementia, based on his physical conduct at public events.

As per the New York Post, another perspective, this time from a former MI6 chief, predicted Putin would be out of power and in a long-term treatment center by 2023.

Britain’s Top Spies Bet on This

“I’m ready to go for broke.” Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of Britain’s CIA-style agency, stated on the “One Decision” program, which he co-hosts.

“I predict he’ll be gone by 2023. He’ll most likely end up in a sanatorium, where he won’t reemerge as Russia’s dictator.”

Establishing Putin might be an “elegant” option for a coup, according to Dearlove. In that case, he stated that Secretary of Russia’s Council of ministers Nikolai Patrushev would be a possible replacement.

Dearlove, who directed the British Secret Secret Services from 1999 to 2004, remarked, “If my hypothesis were true and Putin did vanish into a hospital, I think he’s the probable stand-in.”

“Of course, in this case, the stand-in will almost certainly become official. You know, the Russian leadership does not have a succession plan. They don’t plan ahead.”

Putin’s health has been the subject of much discussion in recent weeks. He missed a ten-year hockey game; he appeared obese and hung to a table during one public outing.

According to a leaked video acquired by New Lines Magazine, a Kremlin-connected oligarch stated Putin is “extremely ill with blood cancer.”