Rand Paul Explains Why America Needs Trump


During the Republican National Convention’s second night, Sen. Rand Paul lauded President Trump as someone who “gets things done” as he called on Americans to support the re-election of the President “if you hate war like I hate war.”

Paul, R-Ky., a staunch Libertarian conservative who challenged Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, started his speech Tuesday night by recalling how the president is uniquely “down to earth.”

“Donald Trump and I met many years ago before he was running for anything. When I first met him, I recall being struck by how down to earth he was. He seemed like just a normal guy,” Paul said. “OK—a normal guy with his own plane and helicopter.”

Paul has experienced the president’s generosity firsthand

Paul recalled organizing a medical mission to conduct charity eye surgeries in Guatemala and needing money to fund the journey.

“Donald Trump offered to help, and immediately come through for us and those kids,” Paul said. “We performed hundreds of surgeries in both countries. Nothing is more beautiful to me in this world than removing the bandages from a person’s eyes, and watching them as they see their loved ones again. Donald Trump helped me make that happen.”

“A few years later, we were opponents, both running for president,” said Paul, who clashed with Trump as rivals before becoming allies. “We all know how that turned out.”

He went on, “I’m proud of the job Donald Trump has done as president.”

Paul said that he doesn’t “always agree with him” but their “occasional policy differences are far outweighed by our significant agreements.”

“More important than simple agreement is accomplishment,” Paul said, praising the president’s track record.

“President Trump gets things done,” he said, offering a few examples. First, the GOP tax reform package early in his administration. Paul also cited Trump’s efforts to overhaul ObamaCare and criminal justice reform, which he touted as “the first real reform in a generation, and one that sought to undo the harm that others, like Joe Biden, have done.”

‘Forever wars’ are sucking America dry

Paul said he supports Trump partly because the president believes that “a strong America cannot fight endless wars.”

Paul criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as having “consistently called for more war.”

“Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, which President Trump has long called the worst geopolitical mistake of our generation,” Paul said. “I fear Biden will choose war again.”

Paul pointed out that Biden “supported war in Serbia, Syria, and Libya.”

“Joe Biden will continue to spill our blood and treasure,” Paul said. “President Trump will bring our heroes home.”

Paul appealed to voters, “If you hate war like I hate war… you need to support President Trump for another term!”

“So to our soldiers and their families – join me in supporting President Trump,” Paul said. “To those of you who want lower taxes and better, less expensive healthcare, join me in supporting President Trump.”

Paul went on to refer to the protests over the past few months in cities across the country, some of which were sparked by the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd in police custody in May.

“To those of you who want to stand up and fight the socialists poisoning our schools and burning our cities — join me in supporting President Trump. Let’s Rebuild America together.”