The Real Evidence of Nancy Pelosi’s Corruption

Popular author Peter Schweizer exposes in his recent book, Red-Handed: How Washington Elites Get Rich Letting China Win, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi altered her criticisms against China as ties to Beijing benefited her family.

Pelosi Changed Her Tune

Pelosi’s position shifted the most during the fight over the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Civil rights campaigners denounced this as a mockery, given China’s long history of crimes against its own citizens.

Critics of the Games claimed bestowing such a high honor and platform to the Communist Party of China would encourage it to perpetrate even more atrocities.

One year afterward, China sent paramilitary soldiers to East Turkistan to smash a peaceful demonstration by representatives of the Uyghur society.

This killed dozens and orchestrated the occurrences that would eventually lead to dictator Xi Jinping ruling over prison camps that housed as many as three million people at their peak.

Pelosi was among the most outspoken anti-Beijing speakers in Congress early on, according to Schweizer. Pelosi was so hostile to the communist regime that she demonstrated in Tiananmen Square against the tragedy.


However, Pelosi’s human rights advocacy decreased as her spouse Paul Pelosi’s business links in China expanded.

Paul joined Matthews International Capital Group, a leader in the Chinese investing business, as a partner investor. He also put money into a number of other businesses whose survival hinged on doing trade with the Chinese Communist Party.

“Vincent Wolfington, Paul Pelosi’s Georgetown roommate, established Global Ambassador Concierge, which specialized to ultra-high-net-worth people going throughout the world,” Schweizer writes.

“The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics are a significant market for Global.”

The US Government’s Boycott is Weak

“In Congress, Democrats were opposed to China hosting the tournament at first, claiming the country’s record on human rights should disqualify it,” Schweizer says.

“A year after Pelosi’s husband purchased shares in Global Envoy Concierge, she changed her mind and rejected a boycott of Beijing’s staging of the Olympics.”

“The Pelosis had between $5 million, as well as $25 million, in a Matthews fund ‘specializing in Asian investments,” according to Red-Handed. Two years later, Paul Pelosi’s business income ranged from $100,000 to $1 million.”

Pelosi is facing the same dilemma today: a round of the Olympic Games in Beijing, which is being challenged by a strong presence of human rights advocates who are concerned China’s oppression will worsen after two weeks of global acclaim.

Unlike last time, the precedent set by the 2008 Summer Olympics lends credence to these worries.

“We must encourage and honor our sportsmen,” Pelosi said in response to calls to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Rather, she advocated for a “diplomatic blockade” of the event. Diplomats do not participate in the Olympic Games, hence a “diplomatic boycott” is not an embargo.