Recent Medical Tests Raise Huge Question Marks About Biden’s Health

America needs a commander-in-chief who’s physically and mentally healthy. Joe Biden hasn’t proven that he is either of those; his recent checkup has some disturbing gaps in it.

What does this mean for Biden supposedly running again in 2024? What does it mean, even more importantly, for America’s national security and safety?

Test Gaps Are a Cause for Concern

After many recent appearances and speeches full of gaps and gaffes, Biden’s mental health has been questioned. This past Thursday, February 16, Biden took several tests to prove he’s sound of body and mind.

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According to doctors, Biden is in fine physical health, but they haven’t said anything about his mental health. Physician Janette Nesheiwat questioned the results of the octogenarian president’s exams for America.

For Nesheiwat, physical, mental, and emotional health must be aligned. It looks like that’s not Biden’s real picture here. If he’s mentally healthy and of sound mind, then why weren’t the cognitive and psychological results of the test released?

We Deserve to Know

Nesheiwat recalled it is extremely important that the president be well, with his health in general, and especially with his mental health.

After all, the position of president is stressful, but let’s remember our lives depend on his decisions. For the welfare of the American nation, it is important that Biden is well enough to act on our behalf.

Whereas let’s face it, Biden’s mental capacity has been questionable since he took the throne at the White House.

GOP Pressure

On Wednesday, February 15, Nikki Haley, one of the Republican Party’s presidential candidates, said all politicians over 75 years of age should take a cognitive test to ensure they are fit to take up political office.

For Nesheiwat, Biden is of very advanced age to serve in a position of great relevance to the U.S.

Biden is 80 years old and has shown various signs of mental decline. It’s not just that he skips entire sentences and often makes up words that don’t exist.

It’s also that he’s often forgotten where he physically is, tried to shake the hands of people who aren’t there, and even made major gaffes, like trying to recognize the accomplishments of a politician who was already dead.

The Bottom Line

Biden says he’s running again in 2024, but with these serious questions about his mental capacity, the question should be whether he’s even fit to remain in office now.

The POTUS must be mentally sound. It’s nothing personal; it’s just the requirement for the job.

The even more worrisome thing here, however, is that VP Kamala Harris also appears to be mentally unbalanced. She has gone on numerous bizarre rants and tangents while talking in public speeches.

America needs real leadership and it needs it now.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.