Red Alert: Survivor China’s Communist Dictatorship Has Warning For America

The Democrat Party is going so far left that it would make Fidel Castro blush.

Woke ideology and cultural Marxism are running rampant in America to such an extent that children are being encouraged to change their gender and criminals are being set loose on the streets.

Now, a survivor of Communist China named Xi Van Fleet is issuing a red alert warning. She has seen the true face of communism and she wants Americans to wake up before it’s too late.

The Communist Recipe for Disaster

The communist recipe for disaster has been similar in every country touched by this evil ideology. Communism is all about breaking down the market and the individual so a faceless collective lowers everyone down to the same humiliated, powerless level.

This is done in the name of “equity” and “workers’ rights” or, in the case of cultural Marxism, by arguing that minorities, LGBT, and others deserve special treatment.

Mao Zedong rose up in China by pretending to care about landless peasants and getting them to attack and kill their landlords. He rode to power on their resentment before instituting much harsher crackdowns than anyone had before.

The Cultural Revolution did its best to destroy China’s ancient culture and replace it with a state-run culture. Is America today really on such a different path?

The Revolution Always Devours Its Own

Many who helped China’s communist criminals rise to power were later executed, jailed, and exiled.

The leftists now who are cheering on the problems of Trump and all these kinds of things are treading a very dangerous path. Democrats want to censor and redefine the family and have the big woke state take over everything that exists.

Eventually, it will take over them as well. The term useful idiot is very appropriate in this case. The far left in America is walking right off a cliff and nobody is going to emerge the winner.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.