Report emerges of Secret Service agent protecting women from then-VP Biden


A report has emerged from 2017 in which an ex-Secret Service agent whose job was to protect the residence of then-Vice President Joe Biden went on the record stating that the Secret Service regularly had to protect women from Biden.

The ex-agent spoke on the condition of anonymity. He stated that “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses. He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said.

One Secret Service agent almost hit Biden for groping girlfriend

The ex-agent stated that one of his colleagues in the Secret Service agent was put on a week’s suspension in the early days of the Obama administration after shoving Biden for groping the breast of the agent’s girlfriend during a photo op. Other agents had to intervene to prevent that agent from hitting the Vice President.

The source reported that Biden had a habit of remaining unclothed in his official residence. “I mean, Stark naked . . . Weinstein level stuff,” according to the ex-agent. “He would only get naked when Jill was absent,” he added, referring to Biden’s wife.

The ex-agent noted that Secret Service personnel would routinely stand between Biden and any female agents or other women colleagues “like a damn guardian.” Excuses were often found to get women out of the vicinity of Joe Biden.

Female navy personnel assigned to protect the VP were at the highest risk. “They weren’t allowed to disobey him at all, but we’d take them away under pretend auspices,” the source noted.

The reports of Biden’s impropriety are widely corroborated


Even the liberal media has been criticizing Biden’s predatory behavior to women and young girls for many years. Mountains of examples in photos and videos exist. Jon Stewart covered it long ago and the Washington Post has referred to Biden as “Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.”

The Washington Examiner has published a report titled, ‘Joe Biden’s Woman Touching Habit.’ The report notes that Biden has a history of being “particularly affectionate with women in business and social situations, like the 2013 Christmas party at which he embraced reporter Amie Parnes.”

The book The First Family Detail by best-selling author Ronald Kessler goes into detail on Biden’s fetish for women in service. Kessler verified that Biden had a habit of swimming naked in front of female Secret Service and navy personnel, which naturally made the women uncomfortable.