Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Banned on Twitter for Conservative Views

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been blacklisted again by Twitter, allegedly for violating the site’s rule against spreading false information about the coronavirus outbreak.

The interim ban is Twitter’s latest disciplinary step against Greene, who has been accused of making many “blunders” on the site.

The Congresswoman was Banned Over Supposedly Questioning COVID Stats

According to the New York Post, Twitter barred Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene last week for breaking the company’s policy prohibiting spreading false information about the coronavirus outbreak.

Greene’s private page will be put in read-only status for 12 hours, according to a Twitter spokeswoman. This means that her subscribers will be able to see her previous tweets, but she won’t be able to create any new ones. On Tuesday morning, the suspension should be lifted.

Twitter’s coronavirus vaccination disinformation rule was announced in March; it specifies that users who break the rules upwards of two or three times will be suspended for 12 hours. A fourth infraction will lead to a week of restriction, while a fifth strike would result in a lifetime indefinite ban.

Several of Taylor Greene’s posts about coronavirus vaccinations also received notices from Twitter. Greene’s initial tweet was in response to a post by surgeon Dr. David Samadi regarding coronavirus hospitalization in the UK.

Greene Got into Interesting New Figures Over the Amount of People Infected Who Already Received the Vaccine

Samadi stated that vaccinated people account for 47 percent of new COVID-19 cases in the UK, to which Greene answered, this is why no organization should mandate NON-FDA authorized immunizations or masks. 

Instead, Greene said they should assist people in safeguarding their health by overcoming obesity, which will prevent them from COVID complications and mortality, as well as a slew of other health issues. Investing in health, rather than medical experiments, is the way to go.

The contentious COVID-19 vaccinations must not be pushed on our soldiers for an illness that is not hazardous for non-obese persons and those under 65, according to Greene’s Twitter post from Monday.

With 6,000 vaccination fatalities and a slew of troubling side effects, Greene believes the vaccine should be an option, rather than a must for everyone.

Both posts were labeled “deceptive” by Twitter, which directed users to facts about the immunizations’ safety. Greene has been banned from Twitter several times for various causes, according to Breitbart News, which reported in January:

Greene’s Twitter post was deleted for 12 hours after she discussed vote-rigging during the 2020 presidential election on the social media network.

A Twitter spokeswoman said Sunday, the profile mentioned has been temporarily banned for several breaches of our political integrity policy.

Twitter labeled some of her comments from a discussion about voter fraud surrounding Georgia’s election, saying this allegation about vote rigging is challenged and this tweet can’t be responded to, copied, or liked, due to a danger of violence.

Greene demanded that social media be free from censorship of conservative discourse on the web.